Ceaser Black Ink Most Shocking Scandal 2022

Ceaser Black Ink Most Shocking Scandal

Unsurprisingly, the cast of VH1’s Black Ink Crew has a history of controversy. Friends turned to foes, social media attacks became headline-grabbing, and child abuse allegations surfaced throughout the series. Everything has, of course, worked to the show’s advantage in attracting viewers.

However, Ceaser Black Ink appears to be the center of the most shocking scandal. As Ceasar has made his way to the top, he has had to deal with some difficult situations. He’s dealt with everything from child support issues to public feuds with fellow tattoo artists.

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VH1 cut ties with the mogul after his latest stunt, and now he’s speaking out. So, fans are eager to learn all the juicy details. So how did Ceaser Emanuel end up in this situation? Get ready for a hefty dose of suspense.

Is there any reason Ceaser Black Ink left “Blank Ink Crew?” After a video of him abusing a dog was released in June of 2022, he was fired.

What’s hidden always comes to light, according to an adage. VH1 has cut ties with Ceaser because one of his skeletons has come out of the closet.

A video of Ceaser Black Ink allegedly abusing his dog surfaced on social media on June 22, 2022. As seen in the video, Ceaser appears to be kicking and hitting the animal with a folded chair. Many people’s mouths were watering as a result of this.

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Not only did VH1 quickly step in to deliver the final crushing blow: Ceasar’s pink slip, which was read for filth online. A source tells TMZ that Ceaser has been fired from the show. While filming for Season 10 is nearly complete, the show’s producers plan to address this issue on the air.

“Our relationship with Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew New York has ended,” a VH1 representative told the outlet. “Since next season’s production was almost complete, this decision will not affect what will air next.”


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Walter Mosley, his lawyer, told TMZ that the incident occurred at his Atlanta home during the height of COVID-19 and that “no police involvement” has been reported so far.

Emanuel finally spoke out about the video of dog abuse.

Continuing his story, Ceaser said: In an interview with TMZ on June 25, 2022, Ceaser explained that he had been “breaking up a fight” between his dogs when one of them turned on him. But, despite his apologies, he insisted that he understood that “the video looks crazy.”

“Even to me, it looks out of this world. But there’s a split second I wish I could go back and change, “Said Ceaser, who spoke to the publication. “My dogs were fighting when I got home. Play fighting isn’t what I’m referring to. It appeared as though they were trying to strangle each other.

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“Opening the garage door,” as Ceaser explained, was not an attempt to inflict harm on the dogs; instead, it was a means to deescalate things.

Even more intriguing, Ceaser claims that the timing of the video release proves that he is being set up.

That the footage was leaked is a mystery to Ceaser, he said. What I saw was captured by my Ring camera. ” For the time being, I’ll keep it at one dollar. I’m suspicious that something is being done to me because the way I’m being portrayed isn’t who I am.


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Ceaser told On the Radar’s Kiotti Brown in an interview on June 27, 2022, that he believes the video was leaked by his ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel. In response to Ceaser’s breakup with Suzette, she released the video, Ceaser claimed. As for the date of the incident, Ceaser only said that the video was “old.”

On the other hand, Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne has given her perspective on the matter. The teen claims that the dog video is Ceaser’s “karma” in an Instagram Stories post (which was shared by The Shade Room).

As soon as Donna Lombardi saw the video of the dog, she called for Ceaser’s dismissal from the show.

Ceaser and Donna Lombardi’s relationship is well-known. The Black Ink mogul’s lack of respect has long been contention between Donna and Ceaser, who both believe Donna has a strong sense of entitlement. Dutchess Lattimore, Ceaser’s ex-fiancée, was another woman with whom Donna had sexual relations.

On Black Ink Crew, Ceaser referred to Donna as the worst tattoo artist ever. There can be no doubt that these two have a very bitter grudge against one another. Donna blasted VH1 and Ceaser after finding out about the animal abuse video.

Donna revealed in a lengthy Instagram caption that the network shielded Ceaser despite his history of bad behavior, including allegations of child abuse. But that’s not all that Donna had to say about Ceaser. She also hoped the world would see how he truly is. Ceaser was also referred to as a “monster” by the reality star.

Since Donna was fired from the show in Season 9, some people made it a point to criticize her for being “petty.” Nevertheless, many people agree with Donna because animal abuse is a grave issue.