While Testing Her New Phone Camera, She Captures An Intentional Accident

Everyone has heard of the man or woman who slams on their brakes in order to get rear-ended so that they can make an insurance claim and get paid. It’s one of the most dastardly ways someone can make money, and ambulance-chasing lawyers make a killing from it.

It’s not as often that we hear of one of these people getting caught in the act – especially once the police get involved…

I was sitting in my car taking some photos with my new smartphone testing out the different settings. Then there was this woman who suddenly stopped at a one way street with only 1 lane. She sat there for like 10 seconds doing nothing. And I thought “this is very unusual…” so I started to record video.

Another driver comes from behind and honks. She then proceeds to reverse and hit the car of the other guy with her big BMW. Four guys jumped out of the BMW and started yelling at the guy.

You have to know that where I live the one who hits another car from behind will be blamed if he can’t prove that it wasn’t his fault. So we have a classic insurance fraud.

The poor guy at the back was really worried because he knew he couldn’t prove it. I just sit there in my car ant waited for the police. Then I go outside and the police started to get everyone’s stories…

Of course it was four against one. I just stood there and listened to the woman complaining about how this idiot hit her from behind and how brand new car is now damaged.

After the police took statements from both sides, and even took my statement, they said there was no chance that two vs four could proof that he didn’t do it.

Two of the guys from the BMW said they didn’t know the girl and were pedestrians who saw it. That would increase the credibility.

So they all made false statements to the police and that’s exactly the thing I wanted to happen. I then told the police, “oh wait there is just one thing” Colombo style and said that I got a video of what happened. I showed it to the police and the woman and the drivers just stand there with their mouths open… you could not only see how she hits HIS car but also that the “Pedestrians” where with the women in the car.

The guy than hugs me and we became good friends. Turns out he lives near me and we spend the evenings drinking and playing video games.

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