Hero Steps Up When He Couldn’t Buy Groceries For Wife And His Baby

Serving in the armed forces is no easy thing to do. Most of the young men and women who join this nation’s armed services do so for their love of the country – – and also to make ends meet. When they return from the wars overseas as veterans, they aren’t always treated fairly by the public. And though they aren’t owed free meals or too many privileges, I’ve always believed that It’s only fair if people helped them out when they needed it.

Case on point, two days ago, I was at a grocery store. There was a military vet who was talking to the cashier. Their conversation revealed that he’d been trying to find a permanent job, and he was asking if the store was hiring anyone. He’d only managed to get temp jobs since returning from deployment and was struggling to feed his baby and his wife.

His story added up: there were diapers and baby food in his tally. As awesome with a child, I know how expensive it can be to raise a baby these days, and his eyes dropped when the cashier told him the total amount.
When his credit card was declined, the woman in front of me, who appeared to be listening to their story as much as I was, instantly offered the cashier her own credit card to pay for the $40 or so he owed. She revealed that her husband too is a military veteran and she has an idea of what it’s like for veterans to struggle once they come home.

The whole exchange brought tears to my eyes. The soldier offered to put some of the stuff back, but she insisted on paying the bill anyway.

I was inspired by the whole exchange, and I’m telling you about what I saw now so you might feel inspired to do what she did, too. Let’s support those in need.

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