Instead Of A Tip, Waitress Receives Racist Note

Kelly Carter works as a server at Anita’s New Mexico Style Café in Ashburn, Virginia. After she was done serving, she went to collect all of the tabs from her tables. After Kelly finished serving a nice couple,she didn’t think any more about them after they left.

She opened the tab and read the note the couple left her. The note left Kelly completely stunned, and it caught her off guard. The couple paid their bill, but when it came to her tip, they wrote:

“Great service, don’t tip black people.”

racist note1

Kelly had to take  a triple look at the receipt, to verify what she thought she just read.

The couple were white, and apparently had an issue giving tips to African Americans. Confused, but not upset, Kelly shared:

“The message that I would like for them to get is that they did not hurt me, they did not damage me, they only made me stronger.”

racist note2

The owner of the restaurant, Thomas Tellez, said that he and his family have owned Anita’s for 40 years, and have they ever seen anything like this happen before in their restaurant. Thomas shared:

“I was speechless, especially with it being Kelly. Out of the eight restaurants we have, 240 employees, she is top 10 with loyalty and customer service.”

racist note3

What is even more incredible about Kelly, is she even admitted, if ever she saw the couple again, or ever had to serve them again in the restaurant, she wouldn’t hesitate to wait on them, and would still give them the quality service that she gives to all of her customers.

Shortly after, the receipt was posted to social media, to where the NAACP even weighed in on the matter. They shared the picture of the receipt on Twitter with a message reading:

“Hatred will not be tolerated and we will not keep quiet.”

Way to go Kelly for taking the high road on this! Kelly’s character is something we could all take after. We’re just sorry Kelly had to experience this while she was hard at work.

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