Quit Smoking Quickly With This All Natural Remedy

Of all addictions, one of the hardest to quit is smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive, and the cravings become stronger the more you smoke.

Those who have tried to stop smoking know that there are physical withdrawal symptoms that can take a week or more to overcome. But, the cravings remain for much longer.

Now, a recent German study may have uncovered an all natural herb that’ll curb your nicotine cravings and help kick the habit for good.


Stevia, a plant native to Paraguay, commonly used as an artificial sweetener, has been shown to inhibit nicotine cravings and the signals the brain sends.

Stevia can be used in the form of liquid and powder, and you can purchase it from healthy food stores, and supermarkets. In the case of quitting smoking, it is helpful to use the liquid form, usually available for purchase in a liquid dropper.

Once you have your drops, apply them directly to the tongue every time you have a nicotine craving. With consistency, you’ll find that the cravings gradually become less and less, until there are none at all!

Benefits of stevia herb other than smoking

The herb works to fight obesity, diabetes and hypertension. In fact it is also used across a host of skincare products as it has the property to moisturise and tighten skin and even make it soft and supple. A great agent to fight acne.


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