These Few Little Secrets Are Something Every Parent Can Use…

Look, there’s no sugar coating it. Being a parent can be tough.

Fortunately, for most of us, even the most challenging of days can be turned around with a few minutes of silence, wine, and a mindless scroll through social media that reveals the holy grail of parenting tips and tricks.

Thanks to the wisdom and ingenuity of parents all over the world, I’ve taken it upon myself to become your “life hack beta tester”….so, without further ado, here are my picks for some of the top parenting tips and tricks that the internet has to offer.

*Note that most of these won’t be life changing, though putting forth the DIY effort alone will leave you feeling like you’re crushing the parent game.

Clean Pacifiers

Keeping pacifiers clean can be a constant struggle. But if you have a couple of extra portion cups lying around, store extra pacifiers in them for easy, clean, worry-free storage.

parenting secrets

Laundry Basket Bathtub Helper

Use a laundry basket in the tub to keep toys from floating too far away, and your little one from trying to swim before he’s ready.

parenting secrets

Lock-Safe Rubber Bands

Worried your kids will get themselves locked in a room? Use a rubber band like this.

parenting secrets

No Drip Snacks

To prevent sticky fingers, put a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick to keep it from dripping.

parenting secrets

No-Mess Creativity

Let your baby create beautiful (clean) designs by adding dollops of paint to ziplock bags.

parenting secrets

Coloring Box

Some kids like to draw all over the walls, no matter how beautiful or freshly painted they are. To avoid this, put him or her in a tiny, disposable room to color to their heart’s content.

parenting secrets

And For When The Creativity Gets Messy, Remove Crayon with WD-40

If your little Picasso gets creative on on the walls or floor, spray some WD-40 on the marks and wipe with a clean rag.

Safety Bracelet

Losing a child is a terrifying and very real possibility for every parent. If you’re headed out to a mall, zoo, or other crowded place with your little ones, give them a bracelet with your phone number in case you get separated.

parenting secrets

Pool Noodles For Bedtime Security

Worried that your child will fall off the bed? Put a pool noodle beneath the fitted sheets to prevent that from happening.

parenting secrets

Or, as to Prevent Fingers From Being Slammed In Doors. Use a bit of pool noodle to keep kids from slamming their fingers in the door.

parenting secrets

Toilet Paper Guide

Worried your kids are using way too much toilet paper? Leave a marker on the wall for them to measure.

parenting secrets

Fitted Sheet Awning

Want to take your kid outside but worried about sunlight and bugs? Use a fitted bed sheet to cover the crib!

parenting secrets

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