Kids Mowed His Lawn And He Wouldn’t Answer The Door. What They Did Next Is Priceless

When I was younger, my friend and I were knocking on doors in the neighborhood looking to do yard work for money. A middle aged guy with an overgrown front yard took us up on our offer.

We did a great job, and after the better part of two hours we knocked again to collect the $15 we agreed on.  He didn’t answer the door. He hadn’t left the house because his car was still in the driveway. We tried the back door, we tried the side garage door, and we even took a break before going back and knocking again.

When I say “knocked”, I mean making an absurd amount of noise on just about every exterior surface of this man’s house. We could hear the TV on inside too…

At this point we figured he was attempting to scam us out of our work. His doors were all locked, we could hear him inside, and he wasn’t coming out.

Well, being the vengeful 14 year olds that we were, we walked to the hardware store and used some of the money we earned later that day to purchase road salt. A LARGE QUANTITY OF SALT.

Later that night we went back to his house and salted every living plant in the yard, and used a fertilizer spreader to evenly salt his front lawn. We killed this man’s entire front yard. For the remainder of the year, his yard was a very visible brown wasteland in an otherwise lush green neighborhood.

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