Woman With Multiple Sclerosis Delivers Baby In The Bathroom

Claire had her whole life ahead of her when she was 19. But the she started experiencing inexplicable numbness. Eventually, she began feeling swelling. And it all lead to paralysis. She visited her doctor immediately and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or MS. From this moment forward, she looked at life differently.

With no cure for MS in sight, Claire felt depressed. But then hope came back into her life when doctors were able to set her up with a good medication to help her experience less of the symptoms – she could move again. She experienced life more fully. The meds even helped improve the vision problems that had been caused by MS.

Five months after she was first diagnosed, Claire was well enough to return to work. This was a huge step forward for her. And she was overjoyed. But the fear of an unexpected MS attack lingered over her wellbeing like a dark, thunder cloud. And Claire could not stop herself from falling into a deep depression…

Because she thought no one would ever want her, Claire gave up on finding true love. She thought no man would want a woman diagnosed with something like multiple sclerosis – fortunately, she was dead wrong.

Sparks flew as soon as she was introduced to her co-worker, Paul. But she didn’t dare entertain the thought of something between them working out. But Paul was persistent and Claire couldn’t deny the instant attraction they both felt.

Before long, Claire and Paul had fallen in love. After four years of dating, Claire gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She was a mother – this dream was one she dared not dream because of her diagnosis.

Finally, Claire allowed herself a moment of relief. Things were going well for her. She had won!

But then in March 2005, Claire experienced an MS relapse. Her body was paralyzed. She gained 10 pounds from the constant bedrest and the prescription steroids. Her moods were off the charts. But despite this, her menstrual cycle was normal. She regained some movement.

Then, one night Claire woke in the middle of the night. She was in severe pain. Her abdomen was throbbing and contracting. She was bleeding and thought she was dying. Her end had come…

Claire wobbled to the bathroom as she clutched her stomach. She plopped onto the toilet and sat, but nothing happened. Then the contractions started again and Claire screamed, “I feel like I’m in labor!”

Paul shot out of bed. He rushed to his woman’s side and then realized the impossible. Claire had just given birth to a baby girl. She had been pregnant and NO ONE knew. Not even the doctors who had been treating her for multiple sclerosis.

But the chaos and confusion was only getting started. Claire started having more contractions – and it wasn’t the afterbirth.

Claire then had another 3-pound 9-ounce baby girl. The baby was breathing. “It was just amazing. I broke down in tears,” Claire said. Then she wondered if her babies were okay.

Then emergency responders arrived and rushed Claire and their newborn twins to the hospital. They survived and are happier than ever.

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