Marijuana Tampons May Be The End of Period Cramps

The use of marijuana in modern day medicine has exploded since medical professionals worldwide began acknowledging the potent medicinal properties of marijuana, suggesting that it can be useful for various medical conditions, from multiple sclerosis to insomnia.

Though its uses are vast, medicinal marijuana is most commonly prescribed for pain management as it quickly soothes all kinds of pain, including pain due to injuries, inflammation, and chemotherapy.

Foria, a company that focuses on cannabis oil and cannabis-infused products (like weed lube) has come out with relief suppositories to help women suffering pain associated with menstrual cramps by alleviating period spams without making them high.

The suppositories, Foria Relief, are best used along with tampons for optimal effect and contain 3 natural ingredients, THC oil, organic cocoa butter, and CBD isolate. The company states that the combination of both THC oil and CBD isolate will “activate certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced into the body.”

The suppositories contain cannabinoids that relax the nerves in the ovaries, uterus, cervix, and surrounding muscle tissue leading to reduced discomfort. Foria says that numerous users reported reduced pain and discomfort during their menstrual cycle when using the product.

The suppositories are meant to soothe the pain closest to the place where it is inserted, so its vaginal insertion in the womb area alleviates the pain due to menstruation.

Some users have also reported that its rectal use relieves the pain in the hips and back, which are often affected during a period. Users begin experiencing relief within 15-30 minutes of insertion. In the event you insert a tampon as well, the suppository should be inserted first, followed by the tampon. After the insertion, you may experience a tiny leakage due to the melting of the cocoa butter.

The product should be stored in a dry and cool place, like the fridge, as it will easily melt in places hotter than 76 degrees Fahrenheit.


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