Study Shows Taking Hot Baths Burns As Many Calories As Walking Half An Hour

If you love taking baths, then we have some great news for you!   Researchers have discovered that soaking in a hot tub has the same effects on our body as a half-hour walk. Loughborough University created this study and tested the theory by having 14 males complete two separate tests. The first test was for an hour ride on a bicycle, while the second test was a  one hour bath in 104-degree water.

The objective of the study was to try and elevate the participants’ body temperature by 1 degree. The males on the bicycles burned a lot more calories than those in the bath.  What they figured out was that the people in the hot bath burned roughly 130 calories. A 30-minute walk burns the same number of calories, 130.

The additional conclusions were that the glucose levels of the study’s subjects were monitored for a day after the test was completed.  The bath takers had about a 10% lower glucose level.  The ‘hot-bath’ subjects also exhibited anti-inflammatory responses, the same way people who exercise do.

The terminology, passive heating, aka taking a hot bath around an hour can help any inflammation issues your body may be having. Using passive heating regarding a medical procedure is a somewhat emerging treatment. Finland is practicing and studying this. The JAMA journal says that people who take saunas (having a sauna can also be defined as passive heating) can fight cardiovascular problems and diseases.

One major element to this study is that all the subjects were male. Men and women’s bodies differ in many ways so that the results may vary in women. However, our bodies are also very similar, and the physiology should translate to women in most respects. One thing for sure: taking a hot bath is proven to help your health!


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