Shocking Video Games That Are SO Violent They Will Leave You Speechless

If I we had to describe the video games you are about to see, it seems “the more violence the better” is the basic theme among all of them. Not for the faint of heart, these video games contain graphic images of blood, gore, and everything else that will make you squirm in your seat. Do you think you’re brave enough? Then check out these shocking video games that are SO violent they will leave you speechless.


This 1988 arcade game was developed and published by Namco and is known for its violent nature. In this game, the player controls a parapsychology student named Rick who is stuck inside the West Mansion. This game also incorporates western horror influences such as the Evil Dead 2.


Ninja Gaiden

A series of video games by Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden features ninja Ryu Hayabusa and has gained popularity on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) because of its action-packed gameplay and catchy music.


Hotline Miami

This 2D top-down action video game is characterized by its surreal storytelling and extreme violence. Its visuals and soundtrack are largely influenced by the 1980s culture and the game itself is partly influenced by the 2011 crime drama entitled Drive.


Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Abbreviated SCMRPG!, this video game is a role-playing video game that recreates the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado in 1999. In this game, players take on the roles of gunmen and act out the massacre. It opens on the day of the shootings.


The Darkness II

Another first-person shooter psychological horror video game by Digital Extremes and 2K Games, this video game is the sequel to The Darkness that was released in 2007. It introduces new features, including a technique called “quad wielding.”



This interactive movie psychological horror adventure game was released in 1995, back when the computer gaming industry was experiencing an interactive movie boom. Created by Sierra On-Line for the PC and Sega Saturn, this game is known for being among the first video games to make use of a live actor as its on-screen avatar.


Soldier of Fortune

This first person shooter video game was published by Activision and created by Raven Software for Microsoft Windows. Released on February 29, 2000, it features a story that revolves around a theft of nuclear weapons. This game is best known for its impressive graphic depictions of firearms.



This computer game franchise was developed by Running With Scissors and is widely known for its controversial content and extreme violence. Isometric, it features games that are set in a wide array of genres. The main character in this game is known as The Postal Dude.


Doom Series & Wolfenstein 3D

Created by id Software, Doom series was released in 1993 as a science fiction horror first person shooter video game that was distributed via shareware and divided into three nine-level episodes. Considered among the most influential titles in the video game industry, it involves a player who assumes the role of a space marine and fights his way through hordes of demons.



This Exidy light gun arcade game was released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game, the player assumes the role of a notorious torturer who mutilates and murders victims in various dungeon settings. The challenge in this game is how fast the player can kill each of his victims.


Night Trap

A survival horror interactive movie video game that was filmed in Culver City, Night Trap was released on October 17, 1992 in North America for the Sega CD. It was later brought to the Sega 32X, PC and 3DO Interactive Multiplayer platforms, utilizing full-motion video scenes. In this game, the player uses hidden cameras to know what is going on inside the house, spot Augers, and trap them.



Throughout Asia, this video game is more commonly known as Condemned: Psycho Crime. It is a first-person action video game that involves several psychological horror elements. Developed by Monolith Productions, this game was launched worldwide on Xbox 360 in 2005. It basically puts emphasis on melee combat, gathering evidence and solving puzzles.



This stealth video game series was developed by IO Interactive and is available on several video game consoles, including Microsoft Windows, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Playstation3 and Zbox 360. This game revolves around a cloned assassin for hire named Agent 47 who is in demand among the elites. It all began when 47 people escaped from a sanitarium.


No More Heroes

The objective of the player in this game is to fight some of the most efficient assassins in the world. Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Rising Star Games and Marvelous Entertainment Ubisoft, this video game was first released in North America and boasts of the most blood-soaked scenes ever.



Carmageddon is such a violent video game that it was censored in several countries around the world such as the United Kingdom and Germany.


Saints Row 2

Homicide in this game runs rampant to the point of it being “more fun” and pleasurable.


Gears of War

Chain saws seem to be the enduring symbol of violence in all these video games and in gears of war 3 is no different.


Mad World

When a game asks you to split people open using a chainsaw, you know the game is violent.


Mortal Kombat:Deception

Like all other Mortal Kombat games, Mortal Kombat: Deception also includes horrific deaths. The main goal of the game is to kill as many characters as you can, as bloody and as violent as you can, or be killed by your enemies.


God of War II

The God of War II is one of the video games that is undoubtedly violent. A player can do everything, from ripping an eye out to twisting a head off. Slicing the enemies’ arms is also part of the game.


Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, under the Grand Theft Auto name, make players kill other people, even police officers, to escape from the theft of cars. While driving, the player can bump pedestrians on sidewalks and parks and get money after. Some gory details of the video game include gang warfare, bloody deaths, and drive-by shootings.


Resident Evil 4

Sexual dialogue and cursing are only two of the reasons why Resident Evil 4 takes the fourth spot as one of the most violent video games. The animation of this game makes characters like humans and monsters look very realistic. The player has to stab, bomb, and shoot their way through a lot of enemies.


Dead Rising

Aside from bloody scenes, the Dead Rising, which is based on the 1978 Dawn of the Dead zombie splatter flick, also makes use of images of nude women on the game. This is combined with gory images of shotgun blasts, hand-to-hand combat, and chainsaw dismemberment.


Resident Evil 5

The presence of a copious amount of blood makes Resident Evil 5 the second most violent video game ever. Players use guns, chainsaws, or swords to hack, slash, and shoot enemies on their way. What is more disgusting about it is the game’s racial undertone. What is called the white hero is expected to kill mostly black victims who are said to be infected with a virus that makes them zombies.



Manhunt is first on the violent video games list. In this game, players are asked by someone under the name of a “director” to kill others in a bloody, cunning, and horrific way. The player’s goal is to delight the director with all the killings. Moreover, Manhunt 2 is even more intense than Manhunt 1.

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