17 Men Over 40 Who Can Still Make You Weak In The Knees

Some of them are well past 40, others even over 50, but in their case age only makes them more charismatic. They’re the exception to the rule.

Here are a few of the men who many of us still consider the best of the best.

1. George Clooney, 53 years old

male celebrities over 40

Clooney is probably the best example of all who proves that age can be to a man’s advantage. He’s starred — so far — in a total of 69 films.


2. Robert Downey Jr., 50 years old

male celebrities over 40 3

No one has ever looked as cool in a superhero costume at the age of 50 as Robert.


3. Hugh Jackman, 46 years old

male celebrities over 40 4

Jackman is known for telling anyone who’ll listen just how much he loves his wife…which makes us love him even more!


4. Colin Firth, 54 years old

male celebrities over 40

His charm has been having a gravitational pull on us since the days of Mr Darcy. The Oscar-winning actor is married with two children.


5. Javier Bardem, 46 years old

male celebrities over 40 5


6. Brad Pitt, 51 years old

male celebrities over 40 6

A brilliant father to six kids, a talented actor, and quite simply a wonderful human being.


7. Liam Neeson, 62 years old

male celebrities over 40 8

For his 62 years, the pride of Ireland looks a great deal more youthful than many of the young actors of Hollywood. In that time, he’s starred in 102 films.


8. Daniel Craig, 47 years old

male celebrities over 40 9

Agent 007 is now synonymous with the name Daniel Craig. And being such a gentleman, he’s certainly worthy of the title of the coolest man in Britain.


9. Stanley Tucci, 54 years old

male celebrities over 40 10

Stanley brings his natural charisma and charm to every role he plays — all 107 of them.
10. Viggo Mortensen, 56 years old

male celebrities over 40 7

For many, seeing Viggo play Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings was the main reason for going to see the film. They say he’s just as much of a noble knight in real life.
11. Keanu Reeves, 50 years old

male celebrities over 40 11

The eternally youthful looking Keanu, with his ravishing appearance, big beautiful eyes, and huge heart, is for some crazy reason still not married. So there’s still hope for some of us yet…


12. Richard Gere, 65 years old

male celebrities over 40 13

Even after all these years, Richard is still as captivating a man as he was in Pretty Woman.


13. Ralph Fiennes, 52 years old

male celebrities over 40 14

The talented star of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Schindler’s List is such a fantastic guy that it’s hard to believe he’s divorced.


14. Pierce Brosnan, 61 years old

male celebrities over 40 12

Pierce has been the embodiment of masculinity and charisma for a long time. He has five kids.


15. Gerard Butler, 45 years old

male celebrities over 40 15

Gerard at one time worked as a waiter, a ’toy demonstrator’, and even a lawyer. He also won a medal for bravery when he saved a little boy from drowning.


16. Jared Leto, 43 years old

male celebrities over 40 17

Jared is now 43. You get the feeling that aging has simply stopped in his case. The idol of millions, a talented singer and an Oscar-winning actor.


17. Johnny Depp, 51 years old

male celebrities over 40 16Who would have thought everyone’s favorite pirate is already 51 years old? According to People magazine, Johnny is the sexiest man alive.


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