Oregon Department Takes Children Away From Low IQ Parents

When it comes to parenting, what does a child really need? A little bit of love and compassion as well as the ability to provide for their children. For an Oregon couple, that was just wasn’t enough.

The government came in and removed their two children because the couple’s IQ scores were low. Eric Zeigler, 38, and Amy Fabbrini, 31, had their children taken away from the government because the entity said their IQ scores made them unqualified to take care of children – to keep them safe from harm and take care of them properly.

For many years, the couple has been doing what they could to show the state that they could take care of their kids. However, the Oregon Department of Human Services said, in justification of removing the kids, that the couple was mentally-limited to care for the children properly.

Shortly after the birth of their first boy, Christopher, they lost custody. Even worse, the state once again stepped in and took custody of their second son, Hunter, when he was still in the hospital. Both boys are in the foster care system right now.

Despite no signs of abuse, the kids were taken away. The only thing that state justified is that Fabbrini’s IQ was 72 and Zeilger’s was 66. The average IQ ranges from 90 to 110.

Fabbrini said she did not know she was pregnant with her firstborn until her third trimester. Zeigler receives a government check for his mental disability.

The government has made no comment about their decision to remove the kids, but its decision to do so has raised questions about what qualifies as a good parent.

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