Ryan Reynolds And Will Ferrell Post A Funny Version Of Grace Kelly Tiktok Challenge

You can find the latest and greatest viral trends on TikTok. The app’s users have created a considerable amount of them over recent years. When it comes to popularity, TikTok beats every other platform. The reason for this? VIRAL MEMORIES! These are the moments that resonate through culture and stay in people’s minds longer than just about any other form of creative expression out there today.

The “Grace Kelly” challenge is the newest trend. It has captivated people from all walks of life, including A-list movie stars. What is the “Grace Kelly” TikTok Challenge and who has taken part in it? Keep reading to find out!

The challenge is centered on users sharing their rendition of the hit 2007 song, “Grace Kelly” by Mika. This song is great for duetting, and the vocal fluctuations and layering are really popular on TikTok. TikTokers are challenged with harmonizing the song in different pitches.


@scotthoying grace kelly by mika 😙 (inspired by @sampopemusic who was inspired by @daragh_daly ♬ original sound – Scott Hoying

The users try to recreate Mika’s famous high note from the song, which has produced some truly hilarious results. The “Grace Kelly” trend on TikTok is a hit with over 131 million views at the time of this writing, and it’s full of everyone from the app’s biggest stars to new users looking for some fun.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell wanted in on the “Grace Kelly” challenge too! The duo shared their rendition across all of their social media channels.

grace kelly tiktok challenge

What starts off as just another day for Ryan, turns into a unique experience when he sings the first part of “Grace Kelly.” But as Deadpool star progresses through the song and struggles to hit those high notes, he gets some help from his longtime friend Will.


@vancityreynoldsLate to the Grace Kelly trend but way early for our movie musical. I ❤️ duets. (And Mika)

♬ original sound – Ryan Reynolds

When the Elf star takes over, he adds his own rendition of these high notes that hilariously annoys Ryan until the end of the video clip. For caption: “Late to this Grace Kelly TikTok trend but WAY early for our Christmas movie musical.”

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