Woman Refuses To Leave Her Husband Even Though She Doesn’t Love Him

Most married couples experience challenging and testing periods throughout their relationship that, more often than not, can be solved.

But one Australian woman has shocked thousands after admitting she has fallen so far out of love with her husband that she can’t bear so much as look at him in the bedroom.

The unnamed woman, who has been with her husband for eight years and shares two young daughters with him, featured on the Kyle & Jackie O radio show on Monday morning as part of the hosts’ Group Therapy segment.

She shared her story on the show in order to then ask the public for their advice, admitting that although she had fallen out of love with her husband, she didn’t want to leave him as she needed his ‘financial support‘.

Kyle & Jackie O radio show episode

‘I just don’t want him to see my sex face anymore because when I look at him I am picturing someone else – I just go through all the artists,’ she told the Sydney-based radio duo.

‘I find every excuse under the sun not to have sex, I just pretend I am tired. It’s once a month now and when we do do it I just want to cover up, I don’t want him to look at me because I’ve lost touch with him.

‘I don’t want to make any eye contact anymore… there’s just no love anymore.’

The woman said the love ‘just died down’ over the years and there was no specific issue in the relationship.

‘I am in a predicament because if I leave I’m not working and I know he won’t pay child support or help. I am calling out to ask people what I should do,’ she said.

‘It’s really hard, there’s no love there anymore and I don’t want to have sex with him anymore. I think he thinks I am still into him – he’s not really getting the signs.

‘I know he has said if ever we were to split he wouldn’t pay child support because he reckons I am nothing without him.’

Jackie O also revealed that the woman had said off air that she ‘winces’ when her husband touches her.

‘Yes, that’s right. Everything about him just freaks me out but I can’t just say “go away it’s over” because I know he won’t financially support us anymore,’ she said.

Four callers were then asked for their opinions on the controversial situation, with the first a little blown away by what she was hearing.

‘How can you say that you don’t love this guy and he disgusts you but you will stay with him for child support?’ AJ, a single mum, said.

Kyle & Jackie O radio show episode

‘I just don’t want him to see my sex face anymore because when I look at him I am picturing someone else – I just go through all the artists,’ she told the Sydney-based radio duo

‘We live in Australia, you get so much support here, there are so many opportunities. I am a single mum and my toddler is only 10 months and I make it work.

‘You can’t live with someone who disgusts you, that’s a bit extreme. There are a million ways you could make it work, trust me. In the long run, what kind of example would you be setting?’

Another woman, Belinda, suggested the woman get out of her ‘terrible’ relationship as soon as possible.

‘He has to pay child support by law. At the end of the day, you are not going to be destitute. I am a single mum and it is extremely hard however all you need is to know where they work and child support will do the rest of the work for you,’ she said.

A caller named Keiran said the whole situation was ‘disrespectful’.

‘Imagine if the bloke turned around and said to her he didn’t want to be with her anymore or was thinking about other women? There are so many jobs out there in the world now, you can go and get a job doing anything,’ he said.

The final caller, Sam, said she had been in a very similar situation.

‘I actually learned the pillow thing from someone that I was studying with,’ she said.

‘I actually have the utmost respect for you for being so honest on a radio show. I was unhappy and I actually communicated that and it did get to the stage where I was sleeping in the lounge.

‘I had two young girls, I went to TAFE and I got an HSC and I applied for a university. Don’t stay, it will set a bad example for your children. Go for it.’

At the end of the segment, it was revealed that 90 percent of the show’s listeners believed the woman should leave her husband.

‘I think I will [leave] it is just a matter of when and how’ the woman concluded.

‘But I will get there. I’ll get out there as soon as possible.’

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