Creative And Fun Halloween Costumes For Kids To Try 2021

Halloween is all about creativity. It’s an opportunity to get in touch with your creative side and think outside the box by coming up with new ideas for everything you do, from what scares you to who it scares most.

This fall, turn your kids’ trick or treating into a creative project by encouraging them to make their own Halloween costumes. It can add something special to the holiday that may be quiet otherwise depending on what health regulations are like in your area.

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what your best costume will be. Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of creative costumes that are surefire ways to win Halloween this year!

Sonic the Hedgehog

All the best things about fall come together in this awesome Sonic the Hedgehog costume. Start with a comfy oversized hoodie and add some fabric glue for an easy time creating all those cute little accents that make up his speedy, friendly face! Pair it with a gold ring and red sneakers to really get zooming around everywhere you go.

kids halloween costumes

Grandma or Grandpa

This costume will be perfect for any child. The cotton ball wig is incredibly cute and may already exist in your house which saves you a trip to the store!

kids halloween costumes

Box Monster

Everyone loves the idea of being eco-friendly, and that’s exactly what makes cardboard box costumes so popular. Kids can create their own animal or monster with an imagination they haven’t used in years!

kids halloween costumes

Little Biker

If you have a kid that is into these outfits, they may already own some pieces to mix and match. For example, pose them with their bicycle for super-cool looks.

kids halloween costumes

Clark Kent/Superman

A great costume for any kid who loves superheroes, you can also get creative and make other superheroes such as their alter egos.

kids halloween costumes

Paddington Bear

If you are looking for a last-minute Halloween costume that uses items from your home, Paddington bear is perfect. Pair a raincoat or peacoat with a bucket hat and boots to complete the look! To be even more authentic, add name tags and face paint as well.

kids halloween costumes

Scuba Diver

Want a fashionable scuba suit for Halloween? Collect empty plastic soda bottles and use them to make an oxygen tank, which you can pair with all black or blue clothing.

kids halloween costumes

Toy Soldier

Trick-or-treating just got a whole lot cooler! All you need is some green paint and cardboard to make your very own toy soldier costume. Your kid will love striking action figure poses throughout their trick or treating adventures, while making everyone else feel like they’re in the army too.

kids halloween costumes


Kids who love playing miming games will have a lot of fun with this costume. There’s a ton of creativity when it comes to the wardrobe, as most people focus on face paint for an easy and unique look!

kids halloween costumes

Witch, Warlock, or Vampire

Witches, warlocks, and vampires all work well with a dark outfit. From there, pick your accessories – you can do fangs, bloody makeup, or hats with broomsticks for example!

kids halloween costumes


If you have some aprons and white clothes hanging around, you’re halfway to a chef’s costume. Create your own hat or pick one up at the local store! Bring it all together by pairing it with toy food and cookware.

kids halloween costumes


Want to take your kid from a fan to a player? All it takes are some accessories. You can keep things simple or make them really specific depending on what they like. From baseball players, football players, and gymnasts there are lots of fun possibilities out there!

kids halloween costumes

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