Actress Kea Peahu From ‘Finding ‘Ohana’ Is Anything But Ordinary

If you’re a subscriber to Netflix, then you know that there are tons of new original movies being released on the platform every month. And for some subscribers, this is what they pay their subscription fee for and look forward to most each time – which can be more than ever now with so many exciting originals ending soon. When Finding ‘Ohana arrived on Jan 29th, 2021 you’ll have another family adventure movie featuring Kea Peahu.

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Did you know that this is not only Kea’s first-ever movie role, but it’s her first official acting role too? Before she became an actor, Kea was best known for her dance skills. Now the 13-year-old is starring in Netflix shows with no signs of slowing down. She even seems very determined to succeed as both a dancer and an actress.

Let’s Know More About Kea Peahu

Before being cast as the lead in Finding ‘Ohana, Kea got her first taste of fame by dancing on a news broadcast. At 10 years old, she appeared on KHON-2 to showcase some moves and remind viewers that they should remember her name – which is for good reason. She had already been featured as a background dancer in music videos for Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown when just ten years old – clearly demonstrating an early talent.

Kea is a part of the popular dance troupe, The Lab when she made her appearance on the local news. According to her Instagram, Kea is still a part of the crew and takes dancing very seriously. However, when she’s not auditioning for roles or practicing dance moves with the group, Kea has homework, chores, and video games that keep her grounded.

Kea With The Lab In “World of Dance”

Kea, together with her group, The Lab, almost made it to the Season 1 of World of Dance finals. Despite not being able to make it, they continue to collaborate and Kea regularly upload their dance routines on Instagram. At the time she appeared on KHON-2, she had yet to strike it big with a role in Netflix’s latest film, but already knew that her determination was something special. Kea said, “No matter how old you are, no matter how young you are, no matter how big or small you are, just make sure to just follow your dreams, and always to push and have the right mindset of ‘I believe in you, everyone else believes in you,’ and just to keep going for your dreams.”

How Important Is Hawaiian Heritage To Kea Peahu?

In the movie ‘Finding Ohana, a young girl (played by Kea) travels from New York to her family’s original home in Hawaii. This is where she searches for an elusive treasure and learns more about Hawaiian culture herself through this difficult journey. Kea, who has Hawaiian heritage in real life, told that she was grateful for the chance to portray someone with Hawaiian roots and learn about her culture herself. She said, “It’s really rare for people from Hawaii to get to move and make these movies so I’m really grateful I could be one of those people. I’m really glad this movie puts Hawaii out there and I’m really glad people can see it and learn a few lessons when they watch.”

kea peahu

You can watch Finding ‘Ohana on Netflix

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