What Youth Looked Like Roughly 100 Years Ago, Long Before The Age Of The Selfie

Throughout history, the younger generation has always looked somewhat different than their elders. After investigating, the changes over the last 100 years is amazing.   Here are the fascinating results.  

historic photos

Images like this were on postcards.

historic photos

On the left we see Gertrude and Ursula Falke.

Nepal and China
historic photos

historic photos

Left: A schoolgirl in Kensington, London.
Right: A group of children on their way to the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London.

Scotland and Ireland
historic photos

The photo on the right is one of the first color photographs ever taken in Ireland, shot around 1913. It shows a 14-year-old girl in traditional dress.

Romania and Albania
historic photos

The photo on the right shows two Albanian girls aged around 13-14. The girl on the left would go on to be known as the world famous Mother Theresa.

historic photos

Left: Maiko girls (who would become geishas) relax on a balcony.
Right: Students at a school in Fukuoka, which was the first place to introduce the ’sailor-style’ school uniform seen here.

Argentina and Mexico
historic photos

The serious-looking girl on the right is a 13-year-old Frida Kahlo.

historic photos

Left: Two girls, Maria-Christina and Beatrice.
Right: The 16-year-old Federico García Lorca, a Spanish poet.

Poland and Estonia
historic photos

The Estonian girls are imitating poses from a film, in an attempt to look like adults.

Greece and Cyprus
historic photos

Left: A young Greek partisan, Konstantinos Mourikis.
Right: A class from the Maria Christodoulou School.

historic photos