These Futuristic Inventions Are Almost Too Incredible To Be True…

Here are 7 innovative inventions that you won’t believe are real!

Finger ruler

futuristic inventions

Instead of using your hands, try this ingenious invention that helps you measure accurately!

Off-grid messenger

futuristic inventions

GoTenna gadget will let you send text messages to a similar device without cell service or wifi. goTenna can be very useful while traveling to off-the-grid places.

Scan-and-draw pen

futuristic inventions

This revolutionary device scans an object and then mimics the color of the object.  It can turn anyone into an artist or designer.

Dog-to-human translator

futuristic inventions

This is an ingenious gadget now on the market that will help your furry friend say, ’I’m hungry’ or ’I want to walk.’

A plant that glows in the dark

futuristic inventions

A plant that glows in the dark was created by biotechnology hobbyists. They used a set of genes from luminous bacteria to develop a tobacco plant that produces its own light! No batteries or solar panels are necessary.

Portable mini-printer

futuristic inventions

Israeli company ZUtA has invented a pocket-sized printer that can print any document from a smartphone.


futuristic inventions

This incredible FingerReader is a ring that scans text and reads it aloud. Not only that, it is able to translate the text too. It was designed specifically for blind and visually impaired people.

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