When Disaster Struck This Area, Brad Pitt Acted As A Local Hero

Ten years ago, the most destructive hurricane in the US history, Katrina, nearly destroyed the entire city of New Orleans. It wiped out thousands of lives and left many families homeless. Brad Pitt, the actor, was so shocked by the tragedy that he founded the “Make It Right Foundation” to aid the victims of Katrina.

The worst hit area was the Lower Ninth Ward district.  It was almost completely flooded and the buildings were in shambles. Pitt collected money and with donations from the foundation, they were able to build 109 new houses in this area. The actor has always been an aspiring architect, while he hired professionals, he personally took part in the design and development of the houses.

The houses turned out great and were not only built for safety from  natural disasters, but were eco-friendly and stylish.  The homes were not shabbily built with cheap products.  Brad wanted people who had already suffered enough to get beautiful, sturdy, safe homes. Families were beside themselves with gratefulness!

brad pitt 1

While the project was ongoing, Pitt grew very close with the families who were to settle in the new houses.

brad pitt 2

This woman is in front of her new home while standing on the porch of her old house.  They decided to preserve the porch as a memory of what was once there. All the new houses were built on stilts above the ground in the event of future floods.

brad pitt 3The area was almost entirely flooded.


brad pitt 4

Brad Pitt himself examined the future site of the new homes locations.

brad pitt 5

In order to personally supervise the construction, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bought a house in New Orleans in 2005 and made it their second home.

brad pitt 6

Pitt not only arranged, but attended many meetings with residents and architects to discuss the future of the city and the district.

brad pitt 7

He personally directed the volunteers…

brad pitt 8

…and gave speeches at charity fundraising events.

brad pitt 9

The actor was in charge of the construction at all stages.

brad pitt 10

All of the houses were built using the latest eco-technologies and principles of amenity planting and the roofs were equipped with solar panels.

brad pitt 11

The area with stylish and modern wooden houses looks so different! Landscape designers were brought in and the results were amazing.

brad pitt 12

The district has already become a local attraction with tourists often come here just to see it.

brad pitt 13

All the houses have been painted in different colors and have unusual shapes.

brad pitt 14

Each house has its’ own veranda.

brad pitt 15

The rooms are spacious and the windows let lots of light in.

brad pitt 16

The new kitchens are well equipped with all stainless steel appliances.

brad pitt 17

Brad Pitt smiling on the balcony of his own home in New Orleans.

brad pitt 18

Angelina Jolie is very proud of the work her husband has done.  She herself devotes a lot of her time and effort to charity work.

brad pitt 19

Pitt and Jolie met with the grateful residents of the new homes.

brad pitt 20

The actor asked the families to choose the wall color themselves. All of them chose bright, sunny colors (yellow, green, and blue) as a sign of the new life which was so generously given to them.


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