Waiter Stopped Rude Family From Mistreating A Boy With Down Syndrome

A waiter in Houston put his job on the line and is receiving praise after he told a table he was unwilling to serve them.
The waiter, Michael Garcia, was waiting on a family of regulars who have a 5-yr old child (Milo) with down syndrome. Another family he was serving made comments about the noises the child was making, so he moved the annoyed party to another table.

The waiter then overheard “special needs children need to be special somewhere else,” from the table. That’s when he informed them he would be unable to serve them. They left the restaurant.
Garcia risked his job by taking a stance.

Garcia says people from all over the world, including Germany, Australia, and Croatia, are calling and sending cards.

“People come in to take a picture with me,” said Garcia. “I’m thinking I didn’t do anything we shouldn’t already be doing.”

Garcia has also gotten hundreds of cards, letters, drawings and gifts for him and Milo. On Wednesday, a box with Star Wars t-shirts and toys came in with a handwritten note from Lucas Films.

One group brought in clown balloons crafted to look like superheroes to honor the “everyday hero.”

As folks send in money, gift cards and continue leaving big tips, Garcia says it’s all going to the children. He will present a check for $1000 to Milo’s school: the Rise School for Children with Down Syndrome.

“I couldn’t keep one penny of it,” said Garcia. “It wouldn’t be right. I’ve really taken a look at myself, and it’s really changed me.”

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