Guy Comes Up With 101 Different Uses For His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

When your ex-wife tells you to do whatever the f**k you want with her dress from your wedding, it pretty much means it’s just gonna end up in the trash. That wasn’t the case with Kevin Cotter, however. This hero among men decided to use it in his daily life, slowly destroying it in the process. He started a blog called my Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress and he even published a book with the entire 101 uses to document the entire thing. They get more hilarious and more creative as you scroll down.

An Apron

Ex Wifes Wedding Dress

A Strainer

A Bib

A Coffee Filter

A Fisherman’s Net

A Banner at an Arizona Wildcats Game

A Jump Rope

A Kite

A Dog Bjorn

A Shower Curtain

You can see more brilliant alternative uses for a wedding dress from a failed marriage over on the creative project’s website and Facebook page. Cotter has also published a book titled 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, which is available to purchase online.


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