Fans Worry About Cassi Davis After Noticing This About Her Eye

In the Season 10 premiere of House of Payne, Cassi Davis’s character Ella looks different. The episode left many viewers worried about her health and wondering what happened to one of her eyes.

In 2020, Cassi Davis was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Cassi opened up about her battle with Bell’s palsy during an appearance on The Culture podcast in February 2021. She revealed that she was diagnosed with the condition back in March 2020.

cassi davis

She told the interviewer, Jessica Garrett Modkins, “And you can see that I have Bell’s palsy. I don’t know what it is but I figure when it is time for the Lord to straighten it out, he will.”

Bell’s palsy is a serious condition that causes temporary symptoms such as paralysis or lack of muscle control in the face. Usually, symptoms appear within two weeks after infection by virus or bacteria related to colds and flu according to Healthline. Symptoms can develop rapidly since they are often noticed upon waking up, eating/drinking anything at all, among other things. The condition can take weeks to overcome, It is not harmful but mostly causes cranial nerve damage.

cassi davis

Cassi said, “It does not pain me but it is very distracting to me. It’s almost like a glitch. I figure the Lord still loves me and my husband has not skipped a beat and missed a beat.”

The diagnosis did have an unwelcome side effect, as she added.”People who will side-track you or side-eye you because of a defect or because of a disability or because of something that you have no control over, that person doesn’t need to be really in my life. If God allowed it, evidently I can handle it.”

cassi davis

Cassi is not letting her health issues get to her and will continue acting in the House of Payne.

Cassi and Kerry got married on Jan 11, 2017, in Las Vegas! Cassi told The Culture that she has always liked him but didn’t expect this.

cassi davis

She said, “We said some very sincere things to one other back then. We didn’t know we were going to end up getting together 20 years later but it happened that way. If it’s good, it’s worth waiting for.”

“Wednesdays are our special dates still today. We got married on a Wednesday,” Cassi added. “It’s just been a very patient road for me to take, to get to the joy that I have, and the world can’t take it away.”

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