Customer Develops Unique Friendship With Chick-Fil-A Employee, Then Gives Him Surprise Of A Lifetime…

Landmark 13 is an organization that helps others in need.  Whether they are at-risk youth, adults recovering from drug and alcohol addiction or orphans in Haiti. The  “13” in the New York-based title name comes from: 13 percent of all transactions is donated to worthy causes.

Company president Brian Smyth put this principle into action several years ago, after getting to know Shekeel “Shack” Williams.  Shekeel is a polite and friendly young man who works at a Chick-Fil-A in North Mount Pleasant near Charleston, S.C.

chick fil a employee new home

“I was finishing up a drink and he came by and said, ‘Can I get you another drink?’” Brian recalled. After chatting for a few minutes, he got up to leave and Shack “was holding the door open for me and he gave me a hug.”

They soon developed a fast friendship.  Brian soon learned that his new friend had been left developmentally disabled by neurological damage caused by a blood disorder.

“Judging by how happy and upbeat he is, you would never guess he suffers from recurring strokes and sickle cell anemia,” reads a post on Landmark 13’s Web site.

chick fil a employee new home

Brian helped cover some of the family’s mounting medical costs, and in February took on an even more active role. He and a construction crew tore down the mobile home in McClellanville where Shack and his family lived and built them a larger home, complete with appliances and furniture.

chick fil a employee new home

Their old home has only two-bedrooms that housed not only Shack and his mother, Tulanda, but also her two adopted nieces.

chick fil a employee new home

“People respect him and he respects them and I always tell him, ‘Shack, treat somebody how you would want somebody to treat you,” said Shack’s mother, Tulanda Williams.

chick fil a employee new home

“I thank God first of all, and thank God for my son,” she added.

“It’s like a blessing,” Shack agreed.

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