Who Is Ted Nugent’s Wife? Let’s Find Out

American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and activist, Ted Nugent has been married to fitness instructor Shemane Deziel since 1989. They first met at WLLZ-FM, where Deziel was working as part of the newsroom staff.

ted nugent wife

Who is Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Deziel?

Shemane Deziel is a 59-year old producer, author, and fitness instructor who has been pursuing her passion for over 40 years. Though born in Michigan, she grew up alongside her siblings in Missouri. Deziel is a fitness enthusiast who has developed various programs to help people get in shape. He teaches yoga, kickboxing, and spinning as well. She is the author of the best-selling books: Kill It & Grill It, Married To A Rock Star, 4 Minutes A Day, and Rock n Roll Your Way To Happiness.

ted nugent wife

The couple has two children, Rocco Winchester and Chantal Nugent. Back in 2015, Ted gave a shout-out to Chantal on his Facebook post saying, “My beautiful daughter Chantal is studying hard to become a world-class actress & is selling specialty products she believes in. “She believes we believes!! Check it out! This lady ROCKS!!”

ted nugent wife

In addition to his two children, Nugent has four other kids from various relationships. The estimated net worth for Nugent is $10 million, while Deziel’s figure stands at approximately $400,000. The musician made his fortune by being the lead guitarist for an iconic Amboy Dukes band. Deziel’s net worth is from her best-selling books and fitness classes.

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