Everything You Need To Know About Kristine Saryan

It’s not uncommon to see people in the public eye because of their relationship, rather than their career or what they’re doing in their lives.

Kristine Saryan, an accomplished actress, is one of these people. As a result of her roles in films such as Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life and Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, she is best known as the wife of another accomplished actor, Scott Patterson.

This is Kristine’s story, in case you’re interested in learning more about her.

Kristine Saryan Bio

kristine saryan

A Californian, Kristine Saryan was born in 1984. She was born with the formal name Saryan, but she was renamed after she was born. Kristine’s ancestry is a mix of European and Native American. She will be 37 years old in 2021. Kristine’s early life is largely unknown to the general public. It appears that she would rather keep it a secret for her own sake.

Kristine Saryan And Scott Patterson

They may have met when Kristine joined the cast of Gilmore Girls in 2002. Scott was previously married to a woman named Vera Davich.

In 1985, they divorced after only two years of marriage. Scott and Kristine prefer to keep their romance under wraps. They have been spotted together on a number of occasions, but little is known about them.

kristine saryan

Even the details of how Scott Patterson and Kristine first met are up for debate. Those who claim they first met while filming Gilmore Girls disagree with those who assert that the two were already acquainted prior to their on-screen romance.

They assert that in 2001, Kristine and Scott were acquainted. It wasn’t until 2004 that each of them got their big-screen debuts. Kristine portrayed Chrissy, Miss Patty’s dance assistant. Over the past two decades, the two have been inseparable.

What does Kristine do now? 

After the Gilmore Girls and Kidnapped, she hasn’t been seen much. Scott announced the birth of his son Nicholas on Twitter in 2014, and it was a joyous occasion. When the father learned that he was going to be a father for the first time, he could barely contain his excitement.

Scott enjoys posting pictures of himself and his son, Nicholas, on Instagram, despite the fact that Nicholas’ mother can’t be seen. If Kristine has decided to stay at home and raise her family, she appears to have done so in a low-key manner.

Scott Paterson and Kristine Saryan Net Worths

Scott Patterson has unquestionably had a fruitful professional life. At least 20 television series have featured him during his career. Justice League, 90210, Aliens in America, The Event, Seinfeld, and many more feature prominently.

Also in Saw, he played Agent Strahm, an iconic character in the horror series’ cult following. As of 2021, Scott Patterson’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

kristine saryan

On the other hand, his model and actress wife, Kristine, is thought to be worth $1 million, thanks to her acting, modeling, and fashion investments.

We had no further information about Scott Patterson’s wife, Kristine Saryan. Any new information will be added to this post as it becomes available. For the time being, that’s all Kristine has shared with the world!