Why Ben Shapiro’s Sister Abigail Shapiro Is Often The Target Of Trolls

Abigail Shapiro, Ben Shapiro’s sister may not be a high-profile political lightning rod but they do share the same DNA as her brother. Let’s find out more about her, and what she has in common with the often controversial conservative brother.

Ben Shapiro’s Sister

Abigail Shapiro is the younger sister of Ben, who hosts The Daily Wire and co-founded a conservative website The Daily Wire. To some, his ultra-conservative commentary is often polarizing and used as fuel for comedians and trolls on Twitter. His most notorious beliefs seem to be that any Jew who votes for the Democrats is “bad” or “treacherous,” and coastal victims of climate change should just move.

Abigail is a conservative influencer with an approach that’s more “lady-like.” She uses the name Classically Abby and branded herself as #conservativeinfluencer to promote herself on social media. If you are looking for a blend of opera singing and social commentary, look no further than Shapiro’s performance videos. Her YouTube channel amassed 86,000 subscribers.

Why Abigail Shapiro Is Often The Target Of Trolls?

Ben Shapiro’s family is often the target of harsh and hateful trolling. Multiple relatives, including Abigail, have been known to be a victim of this backlash.

Ben Shapiro’s Sister

Unlike other people in her family, Abigail stands by her brother and echoes his worldview. While their cousin, actress Mara Wilson (Matilda) blocked Ben from her social media account.

Abigail has always been a fan of Taylor Swift, but in March 2020 she suddenly felt differently about the singer. She posted criticism on social media saying that after Taylor Swift became an “SJW,” or social justice warrior, she lost interest in her. Shapiro’s words were immediately picked apart by Swifties, who called her out and suggested that Shapiro should examine her own internalized misogyny. In May 2020 she came under fire after railing against the body positivity movement as “pro-obesity” and suggesting only weight loss is worth celebrating.

Ben Shapiro’s Sister

However, it is not all Abigail’s fault that she has been the unfortunate recipient of cruel comments. One particular instance was entirely due to her brother’s actions.

Ben Shapiro has long been a critic of the LGBTQ movement. He even went as far as to suggest that homosexuality should be re-included in Diagnostic and Statistical of Mental Disorders. He continued his attempts to convince the public that being gay was an issue of discipline in September, but this time it came at the expense of his own sister. Ben made a controversial comparison between homosexuality and incest in a tweet.

Ben Shapiro’s Sister

Shapiro deleted his tweet after receiving backlash, but it was too late—Abigail will forever have to answer for her brother’s terrible analogy. She is taking the negative feedback with stride though, posting a holiday gift guide, and raving about pearls on her channel.

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