Foreign Sex Pests And Violent Criminals To Be Deported From Australia

More foreign-born criminals will be booted from Australia under draft laws introduced to federal parliament.

Under the bill, which hit the lower house on Thursday, anyone convicted of an offense punishable by at least two years in prison could have their visa canceled – regardless of whether they were jailed for less time, or not jailed at all.

The laws would capture violent and sexual crimes including riots, home invasions, carjackings and serious breaches of family violence orders.

Australia foreign-born criminals deportation

More foreign-born criminals are set to be booted out of Australia under draft laws introduced to federal parliament. Pictured, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton

Immigration Minister David Coleman said the move would help ensure the nation’s multicultural society remained safe and secure.

‘This bill sends a clear and unequivocal message on behalf of the Australian community that entry or stays in Australia are a privilege granted only to those of good character,’ Mr. Coleman told parliament.

‘Like the Australian community, the government has no tolerance for non-citizens who are found to have committed these serious crimes.’

The legislation will change migration laws to put in place a tougher character test.

Australia foreign-born criminals deportation

Sudanese-born Isaac Gatkuoth (left) and Iranian refugee Behzad Bashiri (right) are two foreigners who were deported

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