Is Anuja Joshi from ‘The Resident’ Pregnant?

As of 2018, Anuja Joshi has become a household name thanks to her role in The Resident, a medical drama that follows a group of medical professionals at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

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Anuja plays Dr. Leela Devi on the show, and she became a series regular in Season 5 after gaining popularity as a guest star. Many of her new fans want to know more about her personal life, given her recent surge in popularity. Does she have a baby on the way? What we do know is summarized below.

Is Anuja Joshi pregnant?

There is no sign of pregnancy in Anuja’s most recent Instagram photos. May 1, 2022, was the date on which her most recent set of photos was uploaded to her Instagram account. Despite the fact that her stomach is either hidden or completely obscured in the photos, there is no need to draw any conclusions about her health.

It’s difficult to tell if Anuja Joshi is pregnant based on her full-body photos, which tend to be more modest. Since she hasn’t made an official announcement about being pregnant, it’s safe to assume she isn’t pregnant right now.

Is Anuja Joshi dating anyone?

Ankur Rathee, a fellow actor, is currently Anuja’s boyfriend despite the fact that she isn’t currently pregnant. If this couple is able to support each other, it’s likely because they know what it takes to succeed in the acting industry. Ankur’s roles in Made in Heaven and Four More Shots Please stand out among his many credits. According to News 18, the two are on the same page when it comes to major issues. Anuja said:

People say it is difficult if both are from the same industry, but I think that we understand the expectations of the industry. We are very used to spending a lot of time apart because we have to travel for work. And we both understand how demanding this job is.

That’s why when we come together, we just focus on nurturing our own relationship, instead of having expectations that are unrealistic for each other. It’s like we speak the same language.


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Are Anuja and Ankur getting married?

#RelationshipGoals Anuja and Ankur have some good news for those of us who admire them. They’re engrossed! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple put their wedding plans on hold, but they will eventually walk down the aisle.

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She explained. “We’re trying to plan, but the reality is that COVID-19 is still very rampant. And it’s not a time to be irresponsible and has an event of any sort because that causes a huge spike in numbers. So I’m just trying to wait and see what is going on in the world before we make any hard and fast plans.”

Both Anuja Joshi and Ankur Rathee are crystal clear about what they want. However, if they ever plan on having a child, they’ll have to wait until she publicly discusses the subject.