What Does NaN Miles Mean?

What Does NaN Miles Mean?

If you’re buying a used product from someone, it’s definitely to your advantage to expect the worst and thoroughly inspect everything before making a final decision. Getting an e-bike for some environmentally responsible commuting that also provides you a workout? Then make sure you can climb slopes in it comfortably (I learned that the hard way). Trying to purchase a vehicle? Then you’ve most likely come across a few postings where the mileage is labeled “NaN.” So, what exactly does that imply?

what does nan miles mean

So, what Does NaN Miles Mean?

It usually signifies “not a number” or that the number of miles has no value. So, suppose you’re trying to buy a car online. In that case, some people may add “NA” or “NaN” in the description to attract interested people to contact them about the automobile, so they can effectively negotiate a sale price rather than driving it to the dealer and getting ripped off.

However, there’s another reason why NaN appears in the mileage description of the car.

Why do some automobile postings on Facebook’s marketplace have “NaN” miles?

So, while some people may use “NaN” to hide how much pavement they’ve put under their vehicle, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes Facebook does not correctly capture the miles people enter into their listings and writes “NaN” instead (not a number). As a result, they must either modify the listing or change the way the values were entered.

what does nan miles mean

Generally speaking, the fewer miles traveled by car, motorcycle, boat, bike, or another method of transportation, the better. Even though the chip shortage has made automobile discussions generally one-sided, you still want to be sure you’re making the best decisions possible.

Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, you may look up typical problems with the model you’re considering and the costs of maintaining it on the internet. You can also check automobile accident reports to ensure the car’s frame hasn’t been damaged. If this happens, various issues with other parts of the car may arise.

Having a lot of miles on the odometer doesn’t necessarily signal that a vehicle has been abused. It’s better to buy a car with 70,000 miles from someone who knows “gas go vroom, brake go stop,” and whose eyes glaze over when you ask if they’ve ever used the e-brake when parking than from someone whose understanding of cars ends at “gas go vroom, brake go stop.”.

Some car models and engine types necessitate more frequent servicing than others. Turbo-charged combustion engines, for example, tend to accumulate more carbon over time. There’s little doubt that the used Audi you’re considering is a terrific price until you realize that no mechanic in your neighborhood is qualified to perform a walnut blast to guarantee that you’re not misfiring and redlining your transmission you with a $6,500 repair. It’s a pity.

Automobile and Driver have put together a list of vehicles that are likely to save you money in the long run if you’re looking to buy a secondhand car.

what does nan miles mean

In terms of 2017 cars, the Buick Regal comes highly recommended. A domestic vehicle with many options, like a Buick, is always a good buy, even though it’s not necessarily the most coveted brand.

Luxury Genesis models like the G60 and G80 have the durability that Korean manufacturers are known for, as well as a slew of lavish and plush options that are (almost) on par with the more notable German competitors… but with far fewer problems and costs associated with used-car upkeep.

Also, you can’t go wrong with any year of Toyota Corolla; Camry; Avalon; Rav4; but they’re more expensive used cars because they’re so reliable.

Honda Fit and Kia Soul are also excellent choices. The best advice is to avoid cars that have been in an accident, are from a year without major drivetrain recalls, and have a low mileage that has been serviced on time!

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