What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? A Most Searched Trend

Practical jokes are a great way to get someone’s attention and make them laugh, but some people mistake “hate” for an edge. If you’re just trying to say something meaningful because of your personal struggles then that’s okay too but don’t think of it as an excuse for having an awful personality.

The internet is a great place to find entertaining gags, but the trending question “what dinosaur has 500 teeth?” might be too much.

The answer is a bit tricky: it’s a plot to try and get people saying the N-word.

The 110 million-year-old dinosaur, Nigersaurus Faqueti, lived during the middle cretaceous period alongside Suchomimus and other herbivores like Ouranosaurus and Lurdusauraus.

The Nigersaurus may have had the longest neck in history. A herbivore with an unusual 500 amount of teeth which, according to paleontologist Paulo Sereno, were all replaceable.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

This 30-foot long prehistoric creature has been the talk of the town, with people hoping that those who look up at it will mispronounce its name and accidentally say the “N-word”. It turns out that there are tons of people on the internet with a sense of humor like racist seventh-graders who scream into their Xbox Live headsets after getting no-scope headshot.

The discussion “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” first gained its popularity on Reddit in 2019.

A lot of people on Reddit have made jokes about searching for dinosaurs online until it basically turned into a meme. People refer to it as “the most politically incorrect dinosaur ever” while some people think that “Africanamericanasaurus is a mouthful”.

One of the threads on Reddit was filled with people trying to correct each others’ pronunciations for this dinosaur — that it’s “nye-juhr.” But these correction attempts were met by racist remarks from other users.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

The meme has spread like wildfire. When you enter “what dinosaur” into a Google search, the top suggestions are mostly related to the ‘500 teeth’ meme. This was even made obvious when user meanie_linguine pointed it out in a comment section. “This is literally the highest suggested auto-completion for “what dinosaur”. Congratulations Reddit, we did it.”

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

This reminds people of another “racist search” meme where they are asked to search for the name of H.P Lovecraft’s cat.

The famous horror writer, H.P Lovecraft gave his cat the name “N*****man” which has led to an influx of memes on the internet showing just how twisted and shocking this discovery really is for those who didn’t know about it before.

what dinosaur has 500 teethwhat dinosaur has 500 teeth

The internet is a funny place, with people trying to one-up each other by asking questions that they think will surprise others.

Have you ever had accidentally looked up a joke that many consider offensive or racist? What’s entertaining about a word that is used to degrade and humiliate people?

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