35 Amazingly Useful Websites You’ve Never Heard of Until Now

You know that feeling you get over a website that makes you think “Wow, I wish I’d known about this sooner” when you find it? It’s a pretty cool feeling, obviously. And into the bookmarks, it goes! Well, since we love to bring you new and useful things to improve your life, we thought you might want to check out these 35 amazingly useful websites you’ve never heard of until now!

1. Death by Caffeine:

Death by Caffeine:

Ever have too much coffee and think you were on the verge of death? Well, now you can find out how much of that drink it would take to actually kill you here.

2. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel:

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel:

A really neat tool for breaking down the massive scale of the universe. Your mind will be blown and you will feel cold and alone. Check it out here.

3. You’re Getting Old:

You're Getting Old:

Find out how long you’ve been on this planet for. Really puts things in perspective. Check it out here.

4. How Many People Are in Space Right Now?

How Many People Are in Space Right Now?

Discover how many people are floating above us right now! Find out here.

5. GeoGuessr:


An online game where you’re dropped into a random location and have to figure out where you are. Try it out here.

6. Hacker Typer:

Hacker Typer:

Type like a hacker on TV. Hack the mainframe here.

7. Find the Invisible Cow:

Find the Invisible Cow:

A fun little game where you have to move your mouse around and find a hiding cow. Try it out here.

8. idaft:


BECOME DAFT PUNK. Try it here.

9. What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner?

What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner?

Self-explanatory. Find out what the fuck you should make for dinner here.

10. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes:

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes:

See if you can actually stop and relax for a full two minutes here.

11. The Nicest Place on the Internet:

The Nicest Place on the Internet:

INFINITE HUGS! Check it out over here.

12. 10 Minute Mail:

10 Minute Mail:

Sign up for things you don’t want to use a real email address for with 10 Minute Mail. It creates a temporary email address that lasts, well, 10 minutes. Try it here.

13. The Space Jam Official Website:

The Space Jam Official Website:

Untouched since 1996. Relive the glory days here.

14. What Does the Internet Think?

What Does the Internet Think?

Find out how the internet feels about any topic. Also find out who the monsters who hate pasta are. Check it out here.

15. Nick Reboot:

Nick Reboot:

24/7 streaming old-school Nickelodeon. A thing of beauty. Watch here.

16. Incredibox:


Become a master producer in 30 seconds. Create a beat here.

17. Drinkify:


Find out what to drink when listening to your favorite music. Check it out here.

18. RunPee:


Find out what the best possible time to pee during a movie is. Save your bladder here.

19. WolframAlpha:

Get any weird question you have answered. Ask your dumb questions here.

20. Rainy Mood:

Rainy Mood:

Love the rain? Guess what, now you can get that rainy mood anytime. Try it out here.

21. Does the Dog Die?

Does the Dog Die?

A website that answers “the most important movie question” for any movie with animals in it. Find out if you’re going to be sad here.

22. Kanye Zone:

Kanye Zone:

A game where you have to keep Kanye OUT OF HIS ZONE. DON’T LET HIM GET INTO HIS ZONE! Try it here.

23. Fake Name Generator:

Fake Name Generator:

Need a new identity fast? Look no further than here.

24. Flip Text:

Flip Text:

Type upside down! ¡ǝɹǝɥ ʇı ʎɹʇ

25. SNES Fun:


Play any Super Nintendo game online! Play here.

26. Get Work Done Music:

Get Work Done Music:

Find a song that will help you finally finish all your work. Get stuff done here.

27. Chicken on a Raft:

Chicken on a Raft:

Go on a voyage with a chicken on a raft. The best part is the music, which I can assure  you will be singing for weeks to come. Check it out here.

28. A Killer Whale That Follows Your Mouse:

A Killer Whale That Follows Your Mouse:

When do you not need this? Waste hours here.

29. Old Version:

Old Version:

Hate the new version of your favorite app? Get the old one here.

30. Ron Winter’s Online Drums:

Ron Winter's Online Drums:

Play drums on your keyboard. Become an expert here.

31. Strip Generator:

Strip Generator:

Create your own comic strips for free! Try it here.

32. PointerPointer:


Move your mouse anywhere and the website will generate an image that has someone pointing at your cursor. It’s awesome. Check it out here.

33. Big Ass Message:

Big Ass Message:

Worried your friend won’t listen to you? Send them a BIG ASS MESSAGE here.

34. Akinator:


Think of any character or person and have this genie guess it. And trust me, he will. Try to fool the computer here.

35. Blah Therapy:

Blah Therapy:

Talk (or listen) to complete strangers about your problems. Vent here.

Bonus: I Look Like Barack Obama:

I Look Like Barack Obama:

A website about a man who shares a shocking resemblance to Barack Obama. Blow your mind here

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