Tiktoker Sparks Debate After Quitting Job On Her First Day

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and accompanying narratives about why so many businesses are struggling to keep their establishments staffed, there has been a lot of discussion about the labor crisis in America. As others have hypothesized, the fact that so many people have been handed stimulus payments and extended unemployment benefits may be the reason they no longer desire to work.

After being out of work for so long, many Americans simply don’t want to go back to work, which is an idea that many have rejected, including CEO Dan Price who focuses himself on delivering attractive compensation with full benefits to his workers and runs a successful company model based on that conviction;

According to Price and others, the true reason why so many individuals are refusing to work in some industries is that wages and treatment of employees don’t meet the standards that many people demand. Staying away from the office, restaurant, or workforce may have allowed some folks to take a step back and contemplate these things.

Then there are the reasons that some people provide for not wanting to work in certain regions that are not directly related to the “labor shortage” discussion.

A TikToker named @skyedub is a good example of this trend. A job offer came through from Ulta, but she claims to have walked out midway through a day due to the “vibes” of her coworkers.

ulta hours

Some former Ulta employees have gone on TikTok to claim that they were forced to work fewer hours because they became pregnant, while others claim that they were issued multiple warnings for failing to follow the store’s dress code, which they claim is too strict.

As a result, many commenters were offended by @skyedub’s rationale for quitting. She wears a t-shirt that reads “I put the hot in psychotic” in the viral video.

@skyedub it’s giving unemployed #helpme #socialanxiety ♬ Jealous – Eyedress

“I got a job at Ulta and quit a day later because nobody introduced themselves to me and the vibes were atrocious.,” reads the text overlaid on the video.

In the comments, several people expressed their happiness at Ulta and their positive experiences with their coworkers, while others expressed their displeasure at her abrupt resignation after only a few hours on the job.

ulta hours

It was widely appreciated by other users who argued that it’s preferable to leave a bad situation than to go through grief and reject our first instincts about a group’s “vibes,” which are often right.

Let me know what you think. What if she had pushed herself a little harder? It’s possible that she was right to flee at the first sign of discomfort. Are there any jobs you’ve held onto for too long and wish you’d quit sooner?

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