Mom Cries Her Entire Way Back Due To Cashier’s Response When She Couldn’t Pay For Her Baby’s Soap. Wow.

I was buying groceries with my link card, and also baby bath soap and deodorant with the only five dollar bill I have to my name. I had checked my card balance before I got to the store and thought I had $120, but as I found out at the checkout aisle, the number wasn’t up to date and I only had $70. You saw my embarrassment as I handed items back, just trying to make sure I could bring food home to my son.

You were very patient and kind as we worked out how to get my balance right. Then it came time to pay for my deodorant and baby soap. The price on the soap was actually a couple of dollars more than had been labeled, and I was going to have to leave behind the deodorant that I desperately needed so that my baby could have a bath, and that was ok. I was willing to do it.

But you didn’t let me leave it behind. You reached into your own pocket and gave me the extra money so I could buy both items.

I cried the entire drive home, not over the left behind groceries, but over your kindness. You had no idea what a rough couple of months it’s been for my family. You had no clue just how much that two dollars meant to me. You’ll never know how important your small act of generosity was to me, but it was huge.

I wish I’d gotten your name so I could call Wal-Mart and tell them just what an incredible woman they have working for them. I wish there were some way I could repay you for what you did for me. Instead, I’m writing this post, just on the off chance that maybe you maybe you’ll see it. You probably won’t, but I hope you do.

There are great people in the world today, and you’re one of them. I’ll never forget you and what you did for me. Thank you. I wish you every good thing in the world.”

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