Little Caesars Pizza Worker Crushes Customer’s Pizza, Went Viral in TikTok

When ordering from a well-known brand, you typically know what to expect. For instance, if you saved up some cash and went out for an occasion at Nobu, then it would be pretty upsetting when the Chilean sea bass tastes like tilapia from Red Lobster; this is because they are two very different types of fish that can easily distinguish between them through their senses (taste).

The wings at 7-11 are not the best, but if you’re looking for some good hot chicken sandwiches, then, by all means, go ahead and get one. They might make your stomach rumble a bit when it’s first out of its heat source (heating drawer), which can be kind of crazy since they don’t have any taquitos ready, in case that happens! But I bet once people find these tasty treats from home cooking experts like ourselves, there will always be more than just furtive shoppers heading towards our store with an appetite—and lots fewer complaints too.

When someone has a complaint about Little Caesar’s, you might be halfway through rolling your eyes. After all, the chain sells Hot ‘N Ready pies for $6, and if they were expecting more than just basic food cooked on conveyor belts, then I’m sorry, but this will not make them happy, at least until their pizza arrives- which brings us back to our original point: what set off these customers in regards to how an employee treated him?

The customer’s gripe with TikTok pizza has more to do with how an employee treated him and not so much with the quality of the food itself.

@thetwistedwinter Little Caesars employee melted down and crushed my pizza! What happened to customer service? #littlecaesars #hotnready #rude #awful #viral #capcut #greenscreen ♬ original sound – TwistedWinter

This man claims that an employee at Little Caesar’s cursed him out and crushed his pizza. I’m not sure what the lowest expectations are for a $6 slice, but it still leaves me feeling pretty bad about everything else in life right now! He shares part of their interaction on TikTok after giving you some context as to why he started recording earlier than expected…

little caesars pizza

When he ordered a pizza at Little Caesar’s, an employee told him that the portal was not yet open and there were no Hot ‘N Ready cheese options. However, once the manager came around with his pizzas in tow, it became clear why they had been so stingy on supplies – kids always want “the good stuff.”

little caesars pizza

When the TikTok man asked if there were still Hot ‘N Readys, he was told, “no.” The manager said it was 6 PM, and you wanted to wait for what? But I didn’t realize that meant we couldn’t order from their pizza menu either.
He went on with his story as though nothing had happened – which thankfully ended happily for us 🙂

little caesars pizza

He says that at this point in the interaction, he pointed out where his Little Caesar’s order had been taken and then claimed it got worse. “And he was like, ‘you know what? Get the eff out of here, And grab my pizza from me.” The person recording then points behind him towards what appears as green screens on either side for whatever photoshoot or movie set they are working with throughout their whole story, which leads to an important point about potentially not knowing if something was destroyed by these actors because there were no distinguishing features given during interactions.

little caesars pizza

When the worker behind Little Caesar’s counter ignored his complaint about being given wrong orders, he decided not to let it slide and put out there what happened. The clip then transitions from when this man went onto YouTube with footage of an encounter where things didn’t go well for him (you’ll see!).

“He told me to get the eff out of his store. He used words like ‘F’ and disgusting.” The man behind the counter then crushes my pizza because I’m asking why there isn’t Hot N Ready when it’s supposed be. At this point, clips show both men approaching each other with an exchange that quickly becomes much more intense before we hear one person shout, “Get out!”

little caesars pizza

“I want a refund,” the man said as he walked up to our employee working on another order. “You don’t know what customer service is.”
“Get out!” The worker replies before pointing at an exit and telling him that’s where he needs to go and then calling back over his shoulder while walking away from us: “Then leave! I’ll give you whatever money You need.

“You’re going down,” the man says as an employee laughs. “So much trouble for a pizza?” he asks, and they begin arguing back and forth about where this guy could be getting in such evidentiary amounts of composing legislation with his sentence structure or whatever it was that made him so qualified to speak on behalf of all humanity (we don’t know). But then again…maybe we do after some reflection since there’s no denying these entertaining videos anymore.

little caesars pizza

The interaction between the two men in this video is Triggering. Some people suspect that @thetwistedwinter gave him an attitude before they interacted. In contrast, others believe he deserved what happened because there’s no reason for anyone to be treated like that at a restaurant.