Over 40? Find Out Why Doctors Warn That You Should Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately

Ibuprofen is a very common anti-inflammatory medication that can be prescribed by a Doctor, or purchased OTC (over-the-counter).

While Ibuprofen is effective in providing temporary pain relief, it does not cure the underlying issue. Often times this leads to adverse health affects ranging in severity from heart issues to death (in rare cases).

Fortunately, there’s a completely natural alternative to Ibuprofen that provides immediate relief without the unwanted side effects.

Turmeric is a commonly used plant with amazing healing properties and originates from southern Asia. It has been used in Asian medicine for millennia, and effectively treats both hidden and pronounced pain.

The turmeric powder is high in potent polyphenols and has been confirmed to have over 600 health benefits. You can purchase it in most grocery stores.

Treat pain naturally and cheaply:

Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder, a cup of honey, and the juice of one squeezed lemon in a cup. Stir well with a wooden spoon. Once it’s well-mixed, add a teaspoon of the mixture to a cup of warm tea.

Drink 3x daily and you’ll experience natural pain relief soon after first consumption.

Turmeric is included in the recipes of numerous top chefs around the world, and its characteristic color and taste are often used in the smoothies of health gurus.

Next time you’re tempted to reach for a pill to treat your ailments, try substituting them with turmeric and reap the many, many health benefits of this powerful plant.


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