How to Get Slime Out of Hair Using Common Household Items

If you have young kids, you have heard all about slime. While slime is fun to make and even more fun to play with, it can also become a parent’s worst nightmare. Even with the closest supervision, slime can go from the table to the hair within seconds.

Once slime gets into your hair, your kid’s hair, or anybody’s hair, it doesn’t seem to want to come out. Don’t panic, though, as there are several ways to remove slime from hair that are not complicated and use items you probably already have at home. Here’s our handy guide on how to get slime out of hair using these common household items.

how to get slime out of hair

How to Get Slime Out of Hair with Shampoo and Conditioner

When trying to remove slime from hair, start simple with shampoo and conditioner. However, there’s a trick: Use the conditioner first then suds up in order for it to work best because most of these products contain oil. Here’s what to do:

1. Rinse hair in warm water.
2. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to slime-soaked strands.
3. Massage the product into the hair and use a fine-tooth comb to gently remove pieces of slime. Wash the comb as you continue to remove the slime.
4. Rinse the conditioner out of the hair.
5. Apply shampoo to hair and create a lather by massaging the product into the scalp.
6. Rinse the shampoo out and dry hair normally.

how to get slime out of hair

How to Get Slime Out of Hair with Mayonnaise

One of the quickest ways to remove slime from a kid’s hair is with mayo and a comb. Grab a handful of mayo and work it into your kid’s hair as you would shampoo. Gently comb out your kid’s hair with a comb or brush. Make sure you are cleaning hairbrushes of slime and mayo after each pass. Wash hair as usual to remove any traces of slime and mayo. Here’s how it works:

1. Add a couple of spoonfuls of mayonnaise to the affected area.
2. Gently massage the mayo into the hair using your fingertips, going from root to shaft.
3. Use a fine-tooth comb to gently remove pieces of slime, again making sure to clean the comb as you go along.
4. Once most of the slime has been removed, use the conditioner-shampoo method above to remove any leftover sticky stuff. Tip: Use a nice-smelling shampoo and conditioner to nix any lingering odors on your kid’s scalp.

how to get slime out of hair

How to Get Slime Out of Hair with Oil

Homemade slime recipes need to start including tips on the best ways to remove slime from hair. Vegetable oil and olive oil can also be used to remove slime or similar products from hair. In addition, when dying your hair, you can rub oil along your hairline to keep the dye from staining your skin.

1. Gently massage a few spoonfuls of oil into the slimy strands, moving in the direction of hair growth.
2. Once the slime starts to loosen, use a comb to tease it out. Rinse the comb as you brush through the hair.
3. Use the conditioner-shampoo method to remove any remaining slime, then clean hair, as usual, to get rid of the oily residue.

how to get slime out of hair

How to Get Slime Out of Clothes

Getting gum out of clothes is similar to getting slime out of clothes. First, remove as much excess slime as possible from the clothes. Next, apply a generous amount of dish soap (Dawn works best) to the stain. Run a steady stream of water and gently rub the fabric together under the water stream. Scrub until the slime stain is gone. Wash the clothes as directed without having to worry about slime chunks spreading to your other clothes.

how to get slime out of hair

We hope you found this article on how to get that wad of slime out of clothing and locks helpful. For the future, we recommend investing in non-sticky homemade Play-Doh if your kids love playing with it as much as ours do! This recipe only calls for shampoo, food coloring, and cornstarch (plus some glitter if you’re feeling bold). Grab your measuring cups to make the perfect batch of non-toxic glue! Your kids will love helping out by adding ingredients like vinegar or club soda too. When it starts drying out after about 5 days then that means it’s time for another round in this fun DIY adventure with friends at homemade just right by YOU.