The Hater Dating App And What Happened To It

When you think about the number of dating apps available, it’s seems like everyone should be able to find their perfect match. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge may be the big guns when it comes to dating apps, but there are others that offer new ways for people who are looking for the one.

What would you do if instead of matching based on likes and physical attraction, your dating app matched users up based off their dislikes? That’s what the Hater dating app is about. But, what happened to it?

Hater App – What is it?

A former Goldman Sachs employee, who quit his job to pursue comedy, started Hater app – which initially was just for fun.

The app’s founder and proponent Brendan Alpher said in an interview with CNBC: “I started in finance, and I quit to become a comedy writer, and Hater was actually a comedy sketch idea I had originally. But when I told people about it, everyone just loved the idea so much that I figured this has to be a real app.”

hater dating app

Hater is an app that lets you swipe left or right on different topics depending whether you like them or hate them. Then, the app’s algorithm matches you up with people who also shares similar tastes.

When he pitched his dating app idea to Mark Cuban on the Shark Tank, Brendan received $200K from him as a starting investment – though eventually ended up raising over $1M in venture capital funding.

The app was launched in 2017 and was downloaded over 1 million times in its first year; which shows how successful it was.

He also said that the point of this app isn’t to discriminate or hate people, but rather it’s designed for connecting over small talk.

As what Brendan said, “There are optimists and there are pessimists out there, and we really emphasize the fact that this is about hating stubbing your toe or a crowded subway. It’s not about hating groups of people or anything like that.”

hater dating app

So, What Happened to the Hater Dating App?

The dating app’s reign didn’t last long despite launching to decent success. While the Hater website still functions, its Twitter account has not been active since 2018 and it appears that they have pulled the app from the app store.

Just two years after the app’s launch, there was already a lack of users while discussing on Reddit that they can’t find much people in their area. This proves the app wasn’t meant for lasting success.

The company has not made any official statements about its closure, but it appears that they have shut it down. Brendan told CNBC in an interview that the app isn’t making any money at this time, so they’re planning on implementing advertising and premium subscriptions. However, it appears these plans never came into fruition.

If you’re still looking for love, there are other apps to try. No need to worry about being alone.

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