Electrician Wires Up Van To Give Thieves Shocking Lesson After £5,000 Of His Gear Was Stolen

An electrician who became disgruntled after he had £5,000 of gear taken from his van has wired up his vehicle to give tool thieves a 1,000-volt shock.

electrician van electric shock

Ray Taylor (pictured above) was fed up of thieves stealing tools from his van so decided to fit a 1,000-volt shock to its door

Ray Taylor took the step after losing the expensive equipment over a period of two years, and police have said the process is perfectly legal.

The 61-year-old fitted the system to accompany a siren which is already fitted in his Citroen Dispatch.

Mr. Taylor from Wolverhampton said that if the sirens don’t scare the wannabe thieves, then the shock will.

‘They’ll get a zap,’ he told The Sun.

Those trying to break into the van will be hit with a shock from a ‘live’ door handle

As well as this, intruders will be faced with a siren and two firearm-like sound bombs.

Combined, they cause a 120-decibel din, which is said to be the equivalent of a jumbo jet taking off.

Mr. Taylor added: ‘It’s solved all my problems, so I can sleep easy.

electrician van electric shock

Mr. Taylor said that thieves will ‘get a zap’ next time they try to get into his van where he keeps his work equipment

electrician van electric shock

Mr. Taylor posted the pictures of his new system to Facebook and said police stated he could use it as long as they put a warning on

electrician van electric shock

Mr. Taylor had previously posted images to his Facebook page of alleged thieves getting into his van

‘The shock isn’t going to do any lasting damage, but it will make you jump a bit.’

The positioning of the zapper means the shock is isolated to the handle and the rest of the van is not live.

Both the sound bombs, as well as the siren, the zapper, and a strobe light, are all part of the same circuit which is fitted to a switch in the cabin.

Once someone tries to pull on the handle, the switch is activated through sensors attached to the van’s door.

Mr. Taylor added that police told him it was legal, on the condition he put a clear warning sign on the vehicle.

Under the handle, he has a warning which reads ‘Danger Live Terminals’.

Local police service West Midlands Police said they would not endorse using such tactics.


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