17 Feline Thieves Caught In The Act

Anyone who has a cat knows, they are great thieves.  In these photographs the little thieves get caught red-handed!

cat thieves 1

It looks like a scene from a horror movie!

cat thieves 2

No surrender — that pancake is mine!

cat thieves 3

I’m going to write about how you didn’t give me any of that fish yesterday.

cat thieves 4

One more lick and I got it!

cat thieves 5

I’ll get my own fish!

cat thieves 6

Why would you tease me like that?

cat thieves 7

You just made that so easy!

cat thieves 8

When I grow up we’ll see whose fish these really are.

cat thieves 9

Here, let me help with that.

cat thieves 10

It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

cat thieves 11

Yet another attempt to steal the duster…

cat thieves 12

My favorite size!

cat thieves 13

I can do this.

cat thieves 14

That’s what they get for leaving them where I can reach them! 

cat thieves 15

Huh? Where’s the fish sticks?

cat thieves 16

Oh heaven!

cat thieves 17

I’ll just have a sniff…


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