Instead Of Birthday Gifts Or Party, 6-Year-Old Girl Asks Mother To Help Homeless

Armani Crews, is one special 6-year-old.  When her birthday came around, she was not interested in the typical gifts like the latest doll, iPad or Lego set. What she wanted more than anything was to share her birthday with the homeless population in Chicago, where she lives.

Armani told her mother, Artesha Crews, that she wanted her family to make sandwiches to give out to the homeless.

child helps homeless for birthday

“‘No. I want the same thing we’d have at my birthday party,’” Armani insisted.

Armani’s parents explained that if they went through with her request, she would not receive a birthday gift.

For Armani’s “Happy Birthday”  her family purchased $300 of food, which they delivered to homeless individuals in the East Garfield Park area. And, per Armani’s request, it was most definitely not typical sandwiches.

The Crews family distributed spaghetti, chicken, green beans, fish, mashed potatoes, cake, rolls, cookies, water and more to their new friends.

child helps homeless for birthday

And to make Armani’s birthday even more exciting, the church she attends partnered with the family and gave out care packages with toiletries and snacks in addition to the party food.

child helps homeless for birthday

The selflessness of a small child served as a catalyst for the entire community to support their homeless population!  Proving one is never too young to make a difference.

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