Brittney Griner’s Wife Is Her Number 1 Supporter

Brittney Griner is currently dominating the women’s basketball scene. Not only did she just win her second gold medal with Team USA, but she has also found love in marriage to Cherelle Griner who was always there cheering for her in every game.

The couple celebrated their anniversary just months ago. Cherelle wrote, ” Forever a party of two — well— until kids… But for now, can we get two of everything please.”

brittney griner wife

So, who is Brittney Griner’s wife?

The couple met while students were together at Baylor. Brittney wrote to Cherelle on Instagram at the time saying, “My best friend, my lover, my partner in life. I love you, “The couple appears to have tied the knot, as Cherelle changed her last name on Instagram.

brittney griner wife

Cherelle is a blogger and she is currently enrolled as a law student at North Carolina Central University. She’s also working as a teacher and graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and government.

“To the love of my life! Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be a better person! We have been through so much since we first met at Baylor,” Brittney recently gushed about Cherelle. “Through it all, you have had my back through it all. You were my feet when I felt helpless, you were my eyes when life was too dark at times. I love you beyond words baby.”

brittney griner wife

Brittney was once married to a fellow WNBA star, Glory Johnson. But their relationship did not end well. Brittney and her then-fiancée were arrested on assault and disorderly conduct allegations in In April 2015. They got married a month later. “You work things out and fight for what you love,” Glory told People magazine of their relationship. “It wasn’t about other people. It was about us.”

brittney griner wife

Glory’s pregnancy was revealed in June 2015, and she announced that they would be having twins. Just one day later Brittney filed for an annulment from Glory claiming she was pressured into marriage and that she has nothing to do with her pregnancy.

The couple had to file for divorce After the judge denied the request for an annulment. It was finalized in 2016. The judge ordered Brittney to pay child support for Glory’s twins, Ava and Solei. Their marriage only lasted for 28 days.

brittney griner wife

It seems that Brittney and Glory have both moved on, some years later. They seem happier in their relationships now.

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