How The World’s Strongest Man Smashed His Opponent

While Mixed Martial Arts has proven time and again that bigger size doesn’t take the place for skill, technique, and a strong ground game, the world’s strongest man has nevertheless decided to throw himself in the mix and compete in the fastest growing sport in the world.

His name is Mariusz Pudzianowski, and the guy is an absolute beast. He’s a five-time title holder of the World’s Strongest Man. But can he put that size to proficient and technical use inside a ring? Indeed he can. The guys not just a size beast, he actually has some serious skill, and plenty of power when he connects! Here he goes up against a former pro boxer, Marcin Najman. It happened in 2009 and it was the former strongman’s MMA debut. Naturally, you would think going up against a pro striker wouldn’t be the best decision for starting your career out. A professional boxer has the kind of skills that can deeply embarrass a novice. That’s exactly what was expected, but instead, something else happened.

He actually ends up out striking the boxer while delivering some massive leg kicks which throws the pro way off balance. All in all, he completely destroys the guy.

world's strongest man

Check out the incredibly destructive handiwork of the guy once known as the strongest man in the world!



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