Innovative Ways To Reuse Detergent Containers

Laundry is a necessary evil. I hate doing it, I hate folding it, and I hate putting it away. Still, my preference for having fresh, clean clothes definitely outweighs my hatred of doing laundry. So, week after week, I trudge my way to the laundromat, load up the machines, and clean out my skivvies. When I was a kid, I thought that being an adult was gonna be all driving cars and seeing R-rated movies, but, now, I know there’s a lot more to it. You have all sorts of responsibilities, and doing laundry is one of them.

You do laundry long enough, and you tend to acquire a fair amount of empty detergent bottles.
ways to reuse detergent containers 1
Instead of tossing them out, why not try repurposing them? Check out the 11 ideas below for some inspiration.

1. Garden Light
ways to reuse detergent containers 2
This gorgeous, eco-friendly light is made from a detergent container and other recycled materials. Learn how to make yours here.

2. DIY Watering Can
ways to reuse detergent containers 3
While watering cans aren’t necessarily expensive, why spend any extra money at all when your empty detergent bottle works just as well? Check out the tutorial here.

3. Bubble Station
ways to reuse detergent containers 4
If you’ve got one of the larger, tap-equipped detergent containers lying around, fill it up with a simple bubble solution to keep kids busy for hours! Here’s how to make yours.

4. Paint Storage
ways to reuse detergent containers 5
Detergent cans are perfect for storing paint! The screw-on caps keep it fresh, and the spout at the top makes the paint easier to pour.

5. Garage Storage
ways to reuse detergent containers 6
Cut off the top sections of detergent containers to create a great storage solution for items like nails, screws, and various other odds and ends.

6. Sand Scooper
ways to reuse detergent containers 7
Cut out the bottom of a detergent bottle to create an awesome scooping device for all sorts of uses. You could use it to clear small amounts of snow, scoop kitty litter, or (my personal favorite) take it to the beach and use it to build epic sandcastles!

7. Gorgeous Gift Bags
ways to reuse detergent containers 8
If you’ve got detergent that comes in cardboard boxes, this one’s for you. Here’s how to make an old cardboard box into a truly beautiful gift bag.

8. Bird Feeder
ways to reuse detergent containers 9
Cut out a bird-sized hole in the side of a detergent bottle and fill it with birdseed. You can also poke a chopstick from some Chinese takeout through the bottle to act as a little perch. Set it down on just about any surface outside, or try stringing it up from a tree.

9. Toilet Brush Holder
ways to reuse detergent containers 10
I’ve always hated the fact that I had to spend hard-earned cash on a container for something that’s always touching toilet water. There’s just something poetic about using an old bottle of bleach to house your toilet brush. Learn how to make your own here.

10. Get Clean, Get Lean
ways to reuse detergent containers 11
Stop paying for a gym membership or free weights. Fill up some detergent/bleach bottles with water, sand, or a mixture of both and use them like kettlebells. Trust me, you’ll be surprised how heavy that bottle gets with some wet sand in it.

11. Doll House
With just a few simple steps, you can turn your old detergent bottles into cute little dollhouses for your children’s toys. Learn more here.


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