The Most Useful Parenting Products Of 2015

Hacks are great, but sometimes you want to just buy something that works and makes your life a little easier. Here are 18 products sure to make your life a little easier this year, and one that’s just frankly adorable. Let’s take a look.

1. Do you have a picky eater at home? This “Constructive Eating” plate makes any meal at fun experience.
useful parenting products 1

2. We’re not going to lie. These aviator sunglasses for babies are mostly adorable, but dang are they adorable.
useful parenting products 2

3. Sick of post-game spills? Sill Squeeze spill proof squeeze bottle will keep your kids hydrated and your car dry.
useful parenting products 3

4. Potty training a toddler is hard enough as it is. Make clean up a little easier with Fridet the Buttwasher, a portible mini-bidet for kids.
useful parenting products 4

5. Want to send a healthy hot lunch to school with your kids? This lunchbox keeps hot food hot and cold foods cold.
useful parenting products 5

6. Eat out without worrying about spills with this handy attachment that makes any cup a sippy cup.
useful parenting products 6

7. Milk Sense’s milk monitor measures how much milk each breast produces, and then lets you know how much your baby ate afterwards.
useful parenting products 7

8. Does your baby like to flail around while you change it? The Snugg Wugg is an interactive play pillow that allows you to hold your fidgety baby down while you change its diaper.
useful parenting products 8

9. One of the downsides of conventional action figures is the lack of diversity. These Family Builder figures allow your kids to make their own figures to match their friends and family.
useful parenting products 9

10. Sick of stuck zippers this winter? MagnaMini’s jackets use magnets instead of zippers like traditional jackets.
useful parenting products 10

11. Does your kid love the Nightmare Before Christmas? Help them get their own start in claymation with this kit. You can film using your smartphone to make your won stop motion classics.
useful parenting products 11

12. Keep your eyes on the road, and your kids, with this in-car video baby monitor.
useful parenting products 12

13. Keep your kids from climbing on chairs to reach glasses with these cups that sick to your fridge. Getting their own drink will make them feel like a big kid without the risk of falling.
useful parenting products 13

14. Want a baby chair that will last a lifetime? This high chair grows with your baby to become stay with them until they’ re in high school. Thanks to the chair’s easy changes you’ll always have the age appropriate chair you need when other kids visit.
useful parenting products 14

15. Need to carry a lot of stuff to the park or at the airport? This monster stroller can hold up to 150 pounds of whatever you throw at it. With this much support you could probably even store a teenager.
useful parenting products 15

16. You’ ll need energy to keep up with your kids. This special compression clothing helps keep cramps at bay while you work out so you can get back in the swing of things without extra pain.
useful parenting products 16

17. This Bluetooth enabled baby swing allows you to switch between five different motions on the fly, mimicking the rocking motions of a parent.
useful parenting products 17

18. This GPS equiped children’s watch allows you to always know where your kid is, while teaching them how to keep track of time.
useful parenting products 18

19. Does your baby hate having its temperature taken? This smart pacifier takes their temp while keeping them happy and calm. Don’ t worry about losing it, it also has a GPS locator so you can always find it with your smartphone.
useful parenting products 19

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