The Most Common Thyroid Symptoms That Indicate You Might Have A Hormone Condition

Your thyroid, which sits within your neck, is the gland responsible for producing hormones to ensure that your organs function properly. According to the Hormone Health Network, thyroid hormones can affect how quickly or slowly your heart, brain, liver, muscles and various body parts operate.

When your thyroid is not producing enough of the hormone, it causes hypothyroidism,  usually the result of an autoimmune disease or radiation treatment. The gland can become inflamed through a viral infection or iodine deficiency. Since the body is unable to produce iodine on its own, people must consume it through food such as cranberries, navy beans, potatoes, strawberries, and yogurt.

Hypothyroidism is dangerous when not treated, as it can lead to an array of life-threatening conditions such as depression, coma and heart failure. A simple blood test can determine if a person has hypothyroidism and is need of a daily pill. Since hypothyroidism can be a deadly disease, it is important to know what the symptoms are:

· Cold intolerance

· Fatigue/weakness

· Pale, dry skin

· Coarse, dry hair

· Muscle aches and cramps

· Constipation

· Irregular menstrual cycles

· Memory loss

· Irritability/depression

Keep in mind that each person is different, meaning hypothyroidism affects everyone differently. While one person may have several symptoms; others may not suffer from any of them. If you see any noteworthy changes in your body, it’s imperative you talk to your doctor right away to rule out a possibility of hypothyroidism.


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