This 4-Year-Old Steals The Floor At Church And Made The Entire Congregation Cheer By Singing This Song…

Lots of 4-year-olds sing “This Little Light of Mine,” but it’s safe to say that none sing it quite like Caleb Serrano. With a live band and backup singers, Serrano performs. He dances, claps his hands, and stomps to the beat while working the microphone like a pro. He makes eye contact with his audience, singing “I’m gonna let it shine” with absolute conviction.

“This little guy stole the floor at New Hope [Baptist Church],” wrote Willie Jones with the original video post, reports the Kansas City Star. “Yes indeed he did.” He stole Facebook, too — that original post immediately went viral, earning 2.5 million views in nine days.

Caleb’s father, Richard Serrano, later posted the video on YouTube. He told Fox 8 in High Point, N.C. that he was ecstatic for his son and very proud of him.


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