She Starts By Painting A Thick Coat On Her Eyebrow, But What She Does Next Is Beyond Cool

Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg is giving new meaning to the term “eye makeup.” A lover of color and creativity, Peleg has defined a new space in the arena of beauty with her unique eye artwork. Peleg is most well known for her one-of-a-kind craftsmanship in creating artistic scenes on and around the eyes. Using a combination of makeup and water paints, she brings fun scenes to life, utilizing the shape of the eye for a special effect. 
Peleg’s passion for makeup and art has driven her to craft countless unique looks featured on both her Instagram and Facebook pages. Her eyeshadow artwork depicts everything from dreamy scenes of cute animals to fun illustrations of sushi and sashimi. Peleg has acquired hundreds of thousands of fans with her style of makeup art, moving some to even take up a brush and try for themselves. 

Peleg’s Instagram profile is full of fun and enchanting designs just like this:

It’s Cinderella!

Peleg often uses bright colors in her work like with this fruit illustration.

Check out these emojis!


This takes cat-eye to a whole new level…

Peleg’s art has inspired other makeup lovers to try out her style. Check out this tutorial uploaded by YouTube channel “BeautifulYouTV.” The woman in the video demonstrates how to achieve Peleg’s fun “cat-eye” referenced above.
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