Genius Storage Ideas For Your Very Small Items

All of us keep a lot of different tiny things at home that we use every day. Just look at how many tubes, vials, hair pins and jewelry some girls have! Sometimes we can’t find the thing we’re looking for among all our stuff for hours on end. Sounds familiar, right?


storing small things 1
An old tea set or unnecessary cups can become beautiful decor elements to organize all your jewelry.

storing small things 2
One simple hanger can be an excellent jewelry holder.

storing small things 3
You can use cross-stitching cloth to store your earrings. If you don’t have this craft, simply stretch a piece of fabric over a wooden frame. The holder is ready!

storing small things 4
Put additional hooks on the door of your cupboard to keep all your chains and necklaces in order. Now they will never get tangled up again.

storing small things 5
A multi-level fruit tray or a muffin tray can become a home for your rings and brooches.

Sun Glasses
storing small things 6
You can insert a piece of paper in a photo frame, make two holes, and fix your glasses on them.

storing small things 7
The kitchen rails can help you keep belts, glasses, and other things in one place.

storing small things 8
If you place a magnetic board in a frame and glue tape under the jars, you will get a nice holder for eyeshadows and blushes. You will never lose them again!

storing small things 9
Try to store cosmetics in a multi-level candy vase or fruit tray — it’s very convenient!

storing small things 10
This is not a special accessory for storing eyeshadows, it’s simply an ice cube tray.

storing small things 11
Did you know that a paper organizer can be specially designed in a way to store lipsticks, nail polish, and lip glosses?

Cotton sticks and cotton discs
storing small things 12
Place small jars in your bathroom, and the problem of where to store cotton sticks is solved!

storing small things 13
Colorful flower pots can become a bright interior decoration. Also, they will put you in a good mood every morning.

storing small things 14
Or you can simply buy special cotton ball and cotton stick holders in the shape of animals. Aren’t they the cutest things you’ve ever seen? I want the hedgehog!

Hair dryer and Curling Iron
storing small things 15
A paper folder is a great solution to keep curling irons and hair straighteners in one place.

storing small things 16
You can easily place combs and hair sprays on the door in a special organizer like this.

storing small things 17
…or on hooks on the door of your cupboard.

storing small things 18
Magnetic disks for storage nails and screws are also perfectly suitable for hairpins and other metal stuff.

storing small things 19
Use magnetic tape to organize scissors, eyelash curlers, and wire cutters.

storing small things 20
Using an empty Tic Tac box is a brilliant idea to hold small hairpins.

Cosmetic Brushes
storing small things 21
A case for glasses is a perfect place to keep cosmetic brushes. It’s an irreplaceable necessity while traveling!

storing small things 22
Cups, glasses, and jars are also very useful things to keep brushes within reach.

storing small things 23
If you don’t have an organizer for your brushes, you can easily use a bamboo napkin for them.

storing small things 24
A pipe, rope, wooden clothespins, and a little ingenuity are all you need to create your own artwork!

storing small things 25
Simply hang your hats on small cloves or hooks above the door in the hallway. This is a beautiful and functional idea!


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