These Cool Star Wars Showerheads Let You Shower In Darth Vader’s Tears

Celebrate the release of the new Star Wars movie with these Darth Vader and R2-D2 showerheads. Produced by Oxygenics and sold internationally by Bed, Bath & Beyond, the Vader model lets you bathe in the Sith Lord’s tears — after all, what better way to gain the Force?


Aside from the price, the lowest setting on the Darth Vader showerhead makes water run from the mask’s eye sockets, allowing you to bathe in Vader’s tears. This model also comes with a handle, leaving less of your bathing up to the Force.

The Vader shower head retails for $30 USD while the R2 model goes for $25 USD. Each one comes with three different settings that promise to save you up to $85 USD per year.

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